Lana Del Rey’s Trippy ‘Freak’ Video Was Inspired By An Acid Trip Father John Misty Had At A Taylor Swift Concert

02.10.16 2 years ago

Lana Del Rey recently released the music video to her song “Freak” and, well, it’s nothing short of freaky.

Similar to last year’s “High by the Beach,” this music video is just the right amount of surreal and entertaining. Everything begins with Father John Misty and Lana in a desert, with the latter drinking some Kool-Aid and putting a tab of acid on the former’s tongue (you can see where this going). Then, things get weird: the same women that appeared in the music video for “Music to Watch Boys to,” are suddenly surrounding John, which leads into a bunch of other scenes where the two are hallucinating together.

According to Consequence Of Sound, Lana revealed that the video was actually inspired by an acid trip John experienced. “I had so much fun making this video inspired by his acid trip that he took in Topanga,” Lana explained at a screening of “Freak” in Los Angeles, before John elaborated further. “I took acid at a Taylor Swift concert,” he responded. “I thought this was the best time to tell you.”

So, looks like we have Taylor Swift to thank for one of 2016’s best music videos so far.

(Via Consequence Of Sound)

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