Ridley Scott On The ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel Script: ‘It’s Written And It’s Damn Good’

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Not only is 'Blade Runner 2' written, but Ridley Scott claims that it's 'damn good' and Harrison Ford is set to return.


Ridley Scott Will Direct Alcon’s ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel And They Want Harrison Ford

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Now that Ridley Scott is signed on to direct, Alcon Entertainment wants to get Harrison Ford back as Rick Deckard for 'Blade Runner 2.'

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Edgar Ramirez Might Replace Gerard Butler In The Unnecessary ‘Point Break’ Remake

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Now that Gerard Butler has bailed for 'London Has Fallen,' Alcon has picked Edgar Ramirez to replace him in the 'Point Break' remake.


Johnny Depp Wants Us To Prove We’re Sentient In Seven ‘Transcendence’ Clips

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Here are seven minutes from 'Transcendence', starring Johnny Depp as a scientist whose consciousness is preserved in a supercomputer.


Johnny Depp Is Getting His Grey Goo Everywhere In This ‘Transcendence’ Video

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Here's a new featurette, pictures, and poster for 'Transcendence', starring Johnny Depp as a scientist whose consciousness is preserved in a supercomputer.


The First Teaser Trailer For Johnny Depp’s ‘Transcendence’ Is All Wordy

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'Transcendence' stars Johnny Depp as a supercomputer. Shhh, no questions. Just let this happen.


Morgan Freeman, Kate Mara, Rebecca Hall, And Paul Bettany Join Johnny Depp In ‘Transcendence’

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Morgan Freeman and three other actors will star alongside Johnny Depp in 'Transcendence', in which Depp plays a supercomputer with a human's consciousness.


The Point Break Remake Has A Director Now

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Director and possible Sony smart phone Ericson Core (Invincible) has been tabbed by Alcon Entertainment to direct the remake of Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 part-time bank robbers/full-time surfers action drama Point Break.


Johnny Depp Will Play A Computer Married To Emily Blunt, Rooney Mara, Or Rebecca Hall In ‘Transcendence’

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Johnny Depp will play a supercomputer imbued with human consciousness in 'Transcendence'. Emily Blunt, Rooney Mara, or Rebecca Hall will play his wife.

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Harrison Ford Returning To Blade Runner? We’ll Believe It When We See It. (UPDATE)

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Last August we reported Ridley Scott would be producing and directing "a new installment" of Blade Runner, returning to another franchise he started 30 years ago (the other being Alien prequel Prometheus).

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Ridley Scott Returns To Blade Runner

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Deadline reports Ridley Scott is producing and directing "a new installment" of his iconic 1982 film Blade Runner, and since it's a new installment this probably means they won't be bringing back Sean Young's crazy ass or Harrison Ford's stoned-off-his-ass ass (that's a lot of heiny for one sentence).

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