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Weekend Box Office: ‘Exodus’ Plummets By .666

By | 34 Comments

Ridley Scott's Biblical epic plummeted by the mark of the beast in its second weekend.


Ranking All The ‘Annie’ Films, Sequels, And Spin-Offs From Cute To Crazy

By | 7 Comments

A rundown of all the 'Annie' films, sequels, plays, and spin-offs in order from cute and cuddly to absolutely batsh*t crazy.


‘Fury’ And ‘Annie’ Are Among The Movies Hitting Torrent Sites Following That Alleged Sony Pictures Hack

By | 6 Comments

Sony Pictures might already be seeing the effects of recent hacks against the company as several DVD screeners flood online.


Cameron Diaz Is Still Pouring On The Crazy In The New ‘Annie’ Trailer

By | 23 Comments

The latest trailer for 'Annie' lets us in on the famous orphan's plan to unleash Will Stacks's heart of gold.


Cameron Diaz Is A Bitter, Abusive Spinstress In The ‘Annie’ Trailer

By | 15 Comments

The trailer for Sony's modern retelling of 'Annie' reveals the most adorable random song and dance routines you'll see this year.

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Watch Cameron Diaz Overact In The Trailer For Jay-Z’s ‘Annie’ Remake

By | 33 Comments

Watch Cameron Diaz shout and make faces in the first trailer for Jay-Z and Will Smith's 'Annie' remake.

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Jamie Foxx is playing Daddy Warbucks in 'Annie' Remake

By | 15 Comments

I used to hate Sony's Annie remake on account of it being another Will Smith vanity project starring one of his obnoxious little fame avatar children.

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Will Smith's Daughter Has Dropped Out Of 'Annie' Because She Just Wants To Be A Kid

By | 32 Comments

Last year, then-11-year old Willow Smith caused an Internet uproar when she Tweeted a picture of herself with what looked like a tongue ring while bragging that she got a tongue ring.

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Will Smith and his dumb wiener kids are doing something obnoxious again

By | 18 Comments

No one in Hollywood makes me want to puke as much as the Smith family (the daughter's named Willow after the dad.

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Will Smith, Jay-Z Remaking Annie

By | 29 Comments

In news that only a billionaire father could love, Will Smith and Jay-Z are in talks to bring a modernized version of the musical Annie to the big screen, and of course it’s going to star Smith’s daughter, Willow.

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