Dark Match Dungeon: Randy Orton’s Eastern Conference Predictions

By | 8 Comments

It's time for another trip down memory lane, this time featuring Randy Orton. Check out the young Viper take on Billy Gunn in 2001.


Dark Match Dungeon: Triple H Makes His WCW Debut

By | 18 Comments

This week in the Dungeon, we look back two decades at the young King of Kings.

John Cena

Dark Match Dungeon: John Cena vs. Shelton Benjamin

By | 36 Comments

In this new feature, we take a look at dark matches of the past that feature the stars of today. Here's an early sighting of THE PROTOTYPE.


A London Hair Salon Made Fun Of Kim Jong-Un’s Hair And Received A Visit From His Goons

By | 7 Comments

A London hairdresser invoked the wrath of Kim Jong-Un over a hilarious advertisement for his salon.


And Now, An Air Jordan Logo Haircut As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Madman

By | 4 Comments

Here's what happens when you ask someone with no artistic ability to shave an Air Jordan logo into your head. Good God almighty.

#LeBron James

We Love Sports! Let’s Make Ourselves Look As Hideous As Possible!

By | 12 Comments

It's Friday, which means we're all tired and ready to go home.


Jimmy Claussen Won't Go To Supercuts Again

By | 5 Comments

Carolina Panthers backup quarterback Jimmy Clausen is no stranger to controversy, as he had a couple run-ins with the law during his days at Notre Dame.


Donald Trump Speaks Out on Inappropriate Male/Male Driving

By | 7 Comments

I know this is going to be tough for you to hear, but Donald Trump has backed out of the Indianapolis 500 and won't be driving the pace car at the 100th anniversary of the race.


Grizzly Gets Bearcut

By | 4 Comments

Yesterday, the word on the street was that Memphis Grizzlies guard Tony Allen had done the physically improbable and shaved a grizzly bear into the back of his head.

#Justin Bieber

Tom Brady Called Out By Justin Bieber?!

By | 6 Comments

Tom Brady's longer hairstyle has been the subject of a lot of discussion this season, which is great if you would rather forego the intricacies of America's game and then talking about some dude's hair (and yet Drew Brees's decaying 'Bama Bangs get a pass).

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