Julia Roberts Is Producing And Starring In A Film About Batkid

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Batkid will ride again, this time to the movie theater thanks to Julia Roberts and her feature film adaptation.

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A New Batkid Documentary Is Coming And It Looks Just As Heartwarming As You’d Expect


An IndieGogo campaign is raising money for a 'Batkid Begins' documentary, which will chronicle Miles Scott's epic day in San Francisco.


Batkid Threw Out The First Pitch For The San Francisco Giants’ Opening Day

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Miles Scott, AKA Batkid, received a roaring ovation at AT&T Park, as he threw out the first pitch in full costume for the Giants.

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Andrew Garfield Is Reportedly Still The Hero That Batkid Deserves

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Representatives for Andrew Garfield have squashed accusations that he ditched Batkid Miles Scott after a tantrum at the Academy Awards.

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Welcome To Showbiz, Kid: The SF Batkid’s Appearance Got Cut From The Oscars

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The SF Batkid was supposed to be on the Oscars but got cut at the last minute. Was it Andrew Garfield's fault???


Batkid Was Supposed To Be At The Oscars, Until Andrew Garfield Allegedly Threw A Hissy Fit

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Andrew Garfield is either a massive douche, or Page Six owes someone an apology.


Detroit Made A Local Boy Police Chief For The Day In A Story That May Restore Your Faith In Humanity


Detroit made local boy Jayvon Felton the Police Chief for the day. It's every bit as wonderful as you can imagine. Plus, helicopters!


The Official Batkid Video Is Here To Make You Feel Warm And Fuzzy All Over Again


Make-A-Wish has released a fantastic retrospective of Batkid's heroic march through San Francisco/Gotham.


Batkid Saved Pitbull From The Joker On ‘Good Morning America’ Today

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Batkid stopped by "Good Morning America" today to update us on his story and save Pitbull from the Joker.


The Internet Was Made For This ‘Batkid Rises’ Trailer

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Miles Scott the San Francisco Batkid gets a fan-made 'Batkid Rises' trailer and a poster.

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Making Batkid’s Wish Cost San Francisco $105,000 (and it was worth every penny)

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Turning San Francisco into Gotham for a day to make Batkid's wish cost the city $105,000. And it was worth every penny.


Christian Bale Has Some Helpful ‘Batman’ Advice For Ben Affleck

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Bale recently praised Bat-Kid and threw out some great bathroom advice for Ben Affleck's portrayal of the caped crusader.

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Batkid Day Was Awesome: Here Are My Pictures

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Yesterday was Batkid Day in San Francisco as 12,000 people turned out to help Miles Scott realize his dream of being Batman for the day. Here are some of the pictures I took.

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Obama Made A Vine For #SFBatKid And The Mayor Of San Francisco Gave Him The Key To The City

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If you thought one of the greatest examples of humanity's potential for greatness -- BatKid day in San Francisco -- was done, well, you were wrong.


10,000 Volunteers Have Turned San Francisco Into Gotham City So A 5-Year-Old With Cancer Can Be Batman

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The Make-a-Wish Foundation turned San Francisco into Gotham City for a young Batman fan with leukemia.

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