‘Batkid Begins’ Is The Inspiring Trailer Gotham Deserves And Needs

When writing about Batkid Begins in his summer movie guide, Ashley Burns said that “if you don’t watch this documentary and immediately want to turn the world into a better place filled with love, then you might as well let Hollywood write 50 sh*tty horror movies about your cold, dark heart.” So, really, it’s your fault if you don’t see this film, which follows Miles Scott’s day around Gotham, er, San Francisco as the Caped Crusader, and a fourth Human Centipede comes out.

The latest trailer is above. Batkid Begins will be released on June 26 in select theaters.

(Note: Warner Bros. uploaded this trailer today, but it’s similar to the one that come out last year. There’s some new footage, but it doesn’t matter: see the film.)