A Birth Control Pill For Men Could Be Getting Closer To Being Reality

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Two drugs in various stages of testing could be a new solution to male birth control. The paralyzing fear that you forgot to take your birth control pill could soon be for men too.


Male Birth Control Might Be Here By 2017

By | 28 Comments

Male birth control is rapidly becoming a reality... if they can find enough test volunteers.

sex jokes

Brian Williams Poked Fun At Horny Government Employees With A Great Sex Joke

By | 10 Comments

Brian Williams showed his anger at lazy, greedy government employees by...telling a sex joke?

rush limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh Predictably Has Unpopular Opinions When It Comes To Birth Control

By | 42 Comments

Here's Rush Limbaugh's unpopular opinions, brought to you by this cardboard cutout of Rush Limbaugh next to an emergency exit.


Supreme Court Rules That Hobby Lobby Can Deny Birth Control To Employees. Twitter Reacts Accordingly.

By | 67 Comments

Some people were outraged over the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby, while some rejoiced. Others just wanted to make jokes.


Insane Alaskan Senator Thinks That Women Should Have To Take Pregnancy Tests Before Drinking In Bars

By | 9 Comments

An Alaskan senator want to make women have to take a pregnancy test before drinking. But without fetal alcohol syndrome, we might never have had Sarah Palin!


SNL: NuvaBling


Looking for a birth control option that's as sexy and stylish as you.


'Male Pill' Breakthrough


A team of biologists has developed the first contraceptive for males that is effective, easily reversible and doesn't mess with your hormones.


Condoms: Our Versatile Newsmaker

By | 48 Comments

As science progresses and doctors and lab rats find new and interesting ways for us to become immortal daywalkers, we also see great advancement in the world of birth control.

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