Body Hair And Puppies Feature Prominently In The New York City Cab Driver Calendar

Some of New York's cab drivers have come together to strip down for a good cause.


iOS Still Can't Figure Out Daylight Savings Time


iOS runs a powerful computer in your pocket... and for seven years, like clockwork, it's gotten Daylight Savings Time wrong.


A Nursing Home Made A Calendar Of Residents Dressed Up As Famous Movie Characters


An unknown nursing home will brighten your day with this calendar of residents dressed up as their favorite movie characters from iconic movie scenes.


End The Year On Joseph DeMarco’s Star Wars Pin-up 2012 Calendar

Joseph DeMarco is a professional photographer and a fan of both Star Wars and WWII recruitment/propaganda poster art.

photo shoot

Girls of Geek Calendar Preview Pic

Suicide Girl Bob has tweeted a sneak peek of her Girls of Geek calendar photo shoot.

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