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The NYTimes Delivers A Withering (And Unfair) Review Of Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’

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The NYTimes cherry picks instances in Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee to support its thesis that it exemplifies the American caste system.

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Rick Rubin Claims Chris Rock Was The Inspiration For Jay Z's '99 Problems'


A suggestion from Chris Rock inspired Jay Z to write "99 Problems."

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Chris Rock Slipped The Pam Anderson Sex Tape To A Make-A-Wish Kid Dying Of Cancer

By | 9 Comments

Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld discuss life, the 'Tonight Show' and a Make a Wish' kid on 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.'

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The Trailer For ‘Grown Ups 2′ Has Arrived

By | 32 Comments

Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade, Rob Schneider, Chris Rock and the rest of the Happy Madison cronies are back for the sequel to <a href="">my 2010 pick for the Worst Movie of the Year</a> and, with the glaring exception of That’s My Boy, possibly the worst movie Sandler has ever made, Grown Ups.

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Rock (And Chappelle) Me Baby: 10 Comedian Pairings We Hope Tour In 2013

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Now that it's likely Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle will hit the road at some point this year, here are 10 other comedian pairs that should tour, too.

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Dave Chappelle And Chris Rock Texted Jay-Z To Get Spaghetti With Them During Surprise Stand-Up Set

By | 13 Comments

Might Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock go on a comedy tour together? It could happen.

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Talking To Bobby Cannavale About His Steve Buscemi Impression: Live From LAByrinth’s Celebrity Charades

By | 8 Comments

Photos and interviews with Bobby Cannavale, Michael Shannon, Eddie George, and more from LAByrinth Theater’s Celebrity Charades 2013 event in New York City

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Chris Rock Has A Special Message For White Voters

By | 4 Comments

If you're white and in need of a white president, Barack Obama's your guy, according to Chris Rock.

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Chris Rock's Message to White Voters


Chris Rock has a message for all the white voters out there who still haven't made a decision.

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Chris Rock on ‘The Daily Show’


Chris Rock stopped by The Daily Show on Wednesday to talk white girl butts, being a comedian today, and parenting rich kids.


‘Grown Ups 2′ Might Not Be ‘Grown Ups 2′

By | 26 Comments

Chris Rock was at Sundance last week to promote his new film, 2 Days in New York, directed by Julie Delpy, whose best movie was Killing Zoe and I will fight people to the death if they believe otherwise.

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Inspired By Jay-Z & Kanye, Chris Rock & Dave Chappelle May Do A Comedy Tour Together


Dear God, Look, you know how I feel about you, specifically how I'm skeptical, to say the least, about your existence.

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Rob Huebel almost makes What to Expect When You’re Expecting look tolerable

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Much like She Just Not That Into You, What to Expect When You're Expecting is more an advice book without a particular narrative, so you kind of know what to expect from a movie adaptation: a bunch of half-assed rom-com tropes shot in vignettes so that the audience can enjoy the women-be-shoppin' jokes they came for without anyone working too hard on story.

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Who The Heck Are These Guys: The FilmDrunk Guide To Happy Madison

By | 28 Comments

At some point today, people are going to spend actual American currency to see Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star, and the soul of cinema will die a little more.


Fox News Website Gives Up On Trying To Distinguish Itself From A KKK Newsletter

By | 3 Comments

In the past few months I've grown quite adept at ignoring the <a href="">increasingly common, flagrant race-baiting</a> by certain aspects of the conservative noise machine, but I simply cannot ignore <a href="">this</a>, the top story on FoxNation.

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‘Talking Funny’ Looks Promising

By | 25 Comments

Here's one for the comedy geeks: Ricky Gervais sat down and talked about comedy with Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Louis C.

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George Lucas Responds To Apocalypse Rumor

By | 5 Comments

Here's a perfectly normal banner picture.

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Adam Sandler Has Too Much Money

By | 13 Comments

As the cast of the mind-numbingly successful “comedy” Grown Ups makes the rounds to promote today’s DVD and Blu-Ray release, Chris Rock admitted to Howard Stern that his good friend - and demonic source of neverending roles for Kevin James and Rob Schneider - Adam Sandler gave his buddies and co-stars of the movie some very special gifts to show his appreciation - brand new Maseratis.


Woman Pays $20K For Chris Rock to Curse Out Her Ex-Boyfriend

By | 14 Comments

Here's a clip from Comedy Central's "Night of Too Many Stars" -- the Autism Education fundraiser hosted by Jon Stewart -- in which Chris Rock offers to curse out the ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend of the highest bidder.

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Plot of ‘Grown Ups’ Recreated with Quotes from Scathing Reviews

By | 17 Comments

If you're new here, there's <a href="" target="_blank">this game</a> we like to play on FilmDrunk where we take a film we're probably not going to see and try to recreate the plot using only quotes from other peoples' reviews (expository only, no analysis.

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