An Englishman Is Creating A Fart Machine To Point And Fire At France

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Inventor Colin Furze has created a valveless pulsejet that he will put inside a giant butt so he can point it at France to make it fart.

#X Men: Days of Future Past

Colin Furze Is Back With Wrist-Mounted Flamethrowers Inspired By X-Men’s Pyro

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This guy has been building his own versions of X-Men superpowers, and now it's time for Pyro-inspired DIY flamethrowers.


Colin Furze Is Back, And He’s Got ‘Magneto Shoes’


Britain's insane gadget guy has made a tribute to Magneto in the form of shoes.

#X Men: Days of Future Past

Check Out These Amazing Homemade Pneumatic Wolverine Claws

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These claws might make you the best at what you do or they might send you to the ER. Either way, it isn't very nice.


Colin Furze Is Back With The World’s Fastest Baby Pram, Because That Was Needed


Colin Furze of Stamford, England, is looking to set another Guinness World Record this weekend for the world's fastest baby pram.


A Motorcycle Build For 25


Colin Furze wasn't deterred by an arrest on a firearms charge for his Furze set out to break another record for the world's longest motorcycle, as seen in the video below.

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