This Is The Ridiculously Stupid Scene Outside LeBron James’s Home In Ohio

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Despite the fact that LeBron James is in Las Vegas and hasn't planned an announcement, people are gathered outside his home in Ohio.


Oh God, The Ron Washington Puppet

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Go into the light until we meet again.

Lingerie Football League

Lingerie Football’s Top Prize: Hitting A Woman

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We've written about the Lingerie Football League a lot on With Leather lately, from their condescending video titles on YouTube to their 4Chan-friendly plans for pee-wee lingerie football, but the latest bit of news from the worldwide leader in mic'd panty shields may be the worst of all -- Lingerie Football is offering one "lucky" fan a chance to hit their favorite LFL player during halftime at the Lingerie Bowl IX.


Heidi Watney is Hot, Says Nerd’s Face


I don't want to bombard you with videos to end the day, but this one is "the Internet" in a comfortable 16 second encapsulation.


News: Soccer Now Extremely Interesting

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The title loosely translates to "A self-evident hand that the arbitrator does not see" and so far it's only got 3,000 views on YouTube (to the amazement of Jimmy Traina), but don't let those facts dissuade you -- what you are about to watch is a wonderful, flagrant moment wherein a guy gets a handful of boob and does his best with it.


This Cricket Fan Can See Your Soul

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As the World Cricket Cup is in full… swing.

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