Lingerie Football’s Top Prize: Hitting A Woman

10.28.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

We’ve written about the Lingerie Football League a lot on With Leather lately, from their condescending video titles on YouTube to their 4Chan-friendly plans for pee-wee lingerie football, but the latest bit of news from the worldwide leader in mic’d panty shields may be the worst of all — Lingerie Football is offering one “lucky” fan a chance to hit their favorite LFL player during halftime at the Lingerie Bowl IX.

Yes, there’s a Lingerie Bowl. Yes, there have been nine of them.

Here’s your chance to score with the LFL! We’re giving one lucky fan the opportunity to experience what true fantasy football really is with a chance to tackle an LFL team player during halftime at Lingerie Bowl IX in Las Vegas! Enter now for your chance to win a VIP trip for you and a friend to Las Vegas and see if you can take down an LFL Player.

Prizing Includes:

  • Roundtrip airfare for 2 to Las Vegas, NV
  • 2 night hotel accommodations at the Palms Casino & Resort
  • 2 Tickets to Lingerie Bowl IX
  • Chance to tackle an LFL Player during halftime
  • VIP Experience: Private meet & greets, no-wait VIP access to Lingerie Bowl Weekend parties in Vegas, autographed merchandise
  • $250 Gift card

Maybe it’s just that kindness and sexual decency have put me in a position where I can touch a woman for a few seconds without having to win a contest, but what the hell is the selling point to being allowed to tackle a female Underwear Football player, and when did professional sports become the V.I.P. room at Pandora’s Men’s Club? Has there even been a more rapey sweepstakes prize? Do people watch Lingerie Football in the hopes that they might one day hurt their favorite player? I guess that makes sense. “Oh man, she’s wearing garters, and I get to sprint into her stomach with my shoulder and lie on top of her for a few seconds before security drags me away and shuffles me off to the Bellagio with a f**king VISA gift card.”

Somebody win this contest and refuse it. I think the team that wins the Lingerie Bowl should win the right to play their next season in pants.

[sorrowful h/t to Sportress]

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