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Where D-Bags Dare: A Brief History Of Glenn Danzig Acting Like A Diva

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Glenn Danzig is one of the greatest punk rock vocalists of all-time. He's also a massive tool.


Danzig is still acting Danzigy

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In case you're new around here, no, Danzig news isn't, strictly speaking, movie news, but we've long considered it part of our mandate.


Glenn Danzig says he would've played Wolverine "Less Gay" than Hugh Jackman

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I never read many comic books growing up because I was too busy being mediocre at sports and not getting laid, but one of the gripes about the X-Men movies I hear most often from comic book fans is that Wolverine, who was around 5'3" in the comic books, is played by six-feet-tall Hugh Jackman.


Danzig ruins music festival with his radical soup demands

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<a href=""></a>(Photoshop courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank">Ufford</a>) As the internet's number one <a href="" target="_blank">source</a> for <a href="" target="_blank">Danzig stories</a>, it is my sworn duty to bring you news of the latest Glenn Danzig debacle.


Danzig writing song for Hangover 2, new Danzig story

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As the internet's <a href="" target="_blank">number one repository</a> for your Glenn Danzig-encounter stories, I feel duty bound to report that Danzig has been commissioned to write a song for The Hangover 2 soundtrack.

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