Celebrate Halloween With These 20 Killer Alternative Horror Movie Posters


A collection of alternative horror movie posters from around the web.


What If Your Favorite Superheroes Were Manatees?

Deviant Art has long been one of my favorite time-wasting Internet wormholes, from the insanity of Kate Upton fan art to the awesomeness of Ronald Reagan riding a velociraptor.


The Best Of Brooklyn Decker On DeviantArt


While gathering material for last week's Best Of Kate Upton On DeviantArt gallery, I noticed a lot of mislabeled pictures of Kate as "Brooklyn Decker", because people seriously cannot tell them apart.


20 Movie Adaptations Of Video Games We’d Like To See


Most movie adaptations of video games are terrible, but that won't keep us from daydreaming about the adaptations in these fan-made posters.


The Very Best Of Kate Upton On DeviantArt


Yesterday I wrote a little about sexy Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke, and how we'd helped make her life miserable by exposing her to the creepy nooks of sexy and parody on the Internet.


Ronald Reagan Riding A Velociraptor Is Here To Usher In Independence Day


I'd like to think we can all put partisan politics aside and agree this is simply a magical way for the internet to usher in the 4th of July. 'Merica, people!


Mmm…‘Reservoir Donuts' And Assorted 'Simpsons' Movie Poster Parodies

DeviantArtist Claudia R is one the site's resident "Simpsonizers" -- she specializes in recreating movie posters with Simpsons characters, as well as some fetish-y style work that has me wondering whether Claudia is responsible for some of those naughty animated porn site ads with a surprisingly high click through rate that I, um, read about in an article.


The Cast Of ‘Community’ Reimagined As Members Of The Dark Knight’s Rogues Gallery

DeviantArt user Kinjamin says he's brought "the 'darkest, most terrible timeline' from the 'Remedial Chaos Theory'" to life.


The Definitive Collection Of ‘Always Sunny’ Fan Art


You know a show has gone from "popular" to "something people unhealthily obsess over" when copious amounts of fan art starts to appear on the internet.


Here’s Some Lovely ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Fan Art

Over the last two weeks I've orchestrated one of the most successful DVD binges of my lifetime, completing the first two seasons of Sons of Anarchy on Netflix Instant just in time for season 3 to release on DVD last Tuesday.


Movie Quotes With A Gun


Unless you're someone who gets into "film" vs. "movies" debates there's really no denying that the most @ss-kickingest memorable movie quotes always come accompanied with a gun.


Epic Presidential Bad*ssery With DeviantArt


A little over a year ago artist Jason Heuser (aka SharpWriter on DeviantArt) caught the epic-appreciating eye of the internet with his piece "Washington Vs.

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