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This Guy’s Border Collie Is Really Good At Ruining Naptime


A guy could have worse problems than a cuddly, enthusiastic Border Collie who just wants to snuggle all up at nap time.

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Watch This Shiba Inu Try Its Darnedest To Lick Its Way Through A Glass Door

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Somebody might want to tell this Shiba Inu that this isn't how you open a door.

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Let’s Embrace Monday With This Dog That Has More Balls Than You’ll Ever Have

By | 2 Comments

It may be Monday, but at least we can vicariously live through this beagle.

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F*ck It, Here’s A Bulldog Named Wally Spliced Into The Big Dinosaur Reveal Scene In ‘Jurassic Park’

By | 3 Comments

15 seconds of a dog named Wally spliced into 'Jurassic Park' is the most entertaining thing you'll see all day.

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SUPERCUT: Val Kilmer losing his sunglasses

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You think the part where it's a supercut of Val Kilmer taking off his sunglasses is legit.

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Watching This Abandoned Blind Dog's Rescue And Recovery Video Will Absolutely Slay You

By | 7 Comments

Last November we posted a video of <a href="">a bunch of dogs seeing sunlight for the first time that kind of resonated on the internet</a>, and for good reason -- it tugged at the heartstrings like few things can.

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Enjoy A Lovely Video Of Some Dogs Frolicking On The Beach


As you may have noticed, UPROXX went down completely for about a half hour or so earlier.


Special Needs Dog of the Day & Morning Links

By | 9 Comments

"Bella uses a custom eating chair because <a href="" target="_blank">congenital megaesophagus</a> prevents her from swallowing food while horizontal.

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JubJub the Amazing Balancing Dog Should be a Movie

By | 18 Comments

Folks, there may be a brief lull in posting today as I've got a couple reviews to finish, but in the meantime, I thought we could all enjoy Jub Jub the Balancing Dog.


Dog on a bicycle leading a conga line of dogs

By | 6 Comments

So, it's pretty much exactly as described, a dog on a bicycle leading a conga line of other dogs.

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Even Dogs Hate Cuba Gooding Jr. Movies

By | 4 Comments

Here's a poor dog whose owners made him watch Snow Dogs.



By | 5 Comments

Yep, it's a dog in an At-At costume.

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