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James Franco And This Angry Hound Just Won Vine

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There's a girl screaming at a dog and the dog is screaming back and it's all just great, really great.

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This Australian Cattle Dog Trained To Fetch Beer Is A Friend We Could All Use

By | 3 Comments

While your dog was probably licking its own genitals, this guy's dog went and got him a beer.


Watch This Dumb Little Dog Play Possum Every Time It Gets Picked Up

By | 2 Comments

This dog thinks that if it stays reeeeeeeal still the man holding it will forget that it's there.

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This Dog Would Like To Inform You That It Is The Best Dog In The Whole World

By | 4 Comments

This dog has a very endearing way of letting people know that she thinks she's great.


This Go Pro Camera Captured The Most Fun-Having Dog Ever Racing Into The Sea

By | 6 Comments

If this dog's unbridled joy doesn't brighten your day, there's something seriously wrong with you.

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Brighten Your Day With This Super Fun Tail-Wagging Pool Party For Dogs

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A park in Nampa, Idaho holds an annual pool party for dogs on the last pool day of the season.

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This Helpful Grocery-Carrying Dog Is A Friend We Could Probably All Use Today

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The best dog ever helps its people carry the groceries from the car into the house while its dog siblings stand around and do nothing.


Screw It, We Give Up: Here Is A Dog Playing A Waltz On The Piano


It's a summer Thursday in July. We're really sorry, but this is about the best we can do right now.

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This Dog Faceplanting Into A Fence Is Hands Down The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

By | 5 Comments

This video delivers exactly what it promises: A dog with a facefull of fence.

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Watch This Dog Literally Pass Out From Joy After Seeing A Family Member For The First Time In Two Years

By | 20 Comments

Have you ever been so happy to see anyone that you actually passed out from joy? Doubt it!

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This Guy’s Border Collie Is Really Good At Ruining Naptime


A guy could have worse problems than a cuddly, enthusiastic Border Collie who just wants to snuggle all up at nap time.


Watch This Shiba Inu Try Its Darnedest To Lick Its Way Through A Glass Door

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Somebody might want to tell this Shiba Inu that this isn't how you open a door.

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Let’s Embrace Monday With This Dog That Has More Balls Than You’ll Ever Have

By | 2 Comments

It may be Monday, but at least we can vicariously live through this beagle.

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F*ck It, Here’s A Bulldog Named Wally Spliced Into The Big Dinosaur Reveal Scene In ‘Jurassic Park’

By | 3 Comments

15 seconds of a dog named Wally spliced into 'Jurassic Park' is the most entertaining thing you'll see all day.


SUPERCUT: Val Kilmer losing his sunglasses

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You think the part where it's a supercut of Val Kilmer taking off his sunglasses is legit.

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Watching This Abandoned Blind Dog's Rescue And Recovery Video Will Absolutely Slay You

By | 7 Comments

Last November we posted a video of <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/webculture/2011/11/watch-a-bunch-of-dogs-experience-sunlight-and-grass-for-the-first-time/">a bunch of dogs seeing sunlight for the first time that kind of resonated on the internet</a>, and for good reason -- it tugged at the heartstrings like few things can.

dogs frolicking on the beach

Enjoy A Lovely Video Of Some Dogs Frolicking On The Beach


As you may have noticed, UPROXX went down completely for about a half hour or so earlier.

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