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Tubby Douchebag Out as Oscars Producer

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If you've been following the Brett Ratner skeeve-fest at <a href="" target="_blank">FilmDrunk</a>, it should come as no surprise that the Tower Heist director has resigned as the producer of this February's Oscars telecast.

attack of the show

Yeah, Brett Ratner Is The Worst

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To be honest, I really had no intention of seeing Tower Heist this weekend after reading <a href="">the profile of Brett Ratner in the New York Times</a> last weekend.


Las Vegas Used To Be Better Than This

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I think the best part of Kim Kardashian filing for divorce from Kris Humphries is that we’re pretty much done ever having to mention Humphries again.


Oh, So *This* Is Why Some People Hate Occupy Wall Street

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As Brett noted yesterday on UPROXX, Stephen Colbert infiltrated Occupy Wall Street <a href="" target="_blank">dressed up as Che Guevara</a> for a segment on "The Colbert Report.


Just What Wrestling Needs: More Douchebags

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If you don't watch terrible television, you might not know that professional wrestling is obsessed with MTV's 'Jersey Shore'.

guy fieri

Douchebags For Charity

By | 43 Comments

Occasionally, the Internet is a weird force for good.


How ‘Entourage’ Should Have Ended

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In case you missed the "Entourage" series finale, congratulations.

adrian grenier

The Ten Douchiest Moments in ‘Entourage’ History

By | 83 Comments

Google “entourage douchebag” and a <a href="">link from Warming Glow appears third</a> on the search list.


We Can Officially Blame The Lawyers

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Yesterday, Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe was seemingly the first NFL player <a href="">to respond to allegations</a> that Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins were seeking special treatment (a la Reggie White in 1993) through their antitrust lawsuit with 6 other players.


New Entourage Poster All Introspective And Sh*t

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The miniature humans who comprise the cast of "Entourage" gathered on a mountainous overlook of Los Angeles for the new poster promoting the show's eighth and final season.


Lying Pastor stole his Navy SEAL stories from Steven Seagal

By | 21 Comments

In the wake of SEAL Team 6 successfully shooting Osama Bin Laden in the face, Harrisburg, PA's Patriot-News reached out to local veterans for human interest stories about their own service.


Jack Black Is Hilarious, A Lakers Fan

By | 22 Comments

When not starring in massive blockbusters like Gulliver’s Travels and Year One, Jack Black is a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan.


Michael Phelps Is Doing Just Fine

By | 6 Comments

Michael Phelps was in Las Vegas over the weekend to serve as the celebrity face for the launch of the 2011 Encore Beach Club season.


Of Course Fieri’s New Car Is a Camaro

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Food Network chef Guy Fieri has replaced <a href="" target="_self">his stolen Lamborghini</a> with a car much more fitting for a man with bleached hair and a <a href="" target="_self">four-foot pepper grinder</a>: a brand new Chevy Camaro.


Guy Fieri Is Overcompensating.

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Guy Fieri has an awesome collection of totems representing a tiny penis, among them <a href="" target="_self">a $200,000 Lamborghini</a> and <a href="" target="_self">a monstrous diesel truck</a>.


Alex Jones deserves a meme too

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With all the hubbub about Charlie Sheen -- it's impossible not to parody, and I'm more guilty than anyone -- I thought it was important, in discussing his four-dimensional yacht seen by only the gnarliest of gnarlingtons (which <a href="" target="_blank">killed his TV show</a> and the jobs of the entire crew), to also remember the scummy butthole who was egging him on the whole time.


New Banksy graffiti causes pathetic LA girl fight

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I know, I know, if I write one more Banksy post this week I'll have to start wearing those big headphones everywhere I go and get my ears pierced with those plug thingies that make you look like Chief Fresh Beats of the Amazon Tribe.


Charlie Sheen’s Xmas? Hookers and Blow.

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Charlie Sheen spent Christmas with the people he loves most: hookers.


Tucker Carlson Thinks Vick Should Die

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Fresh off the news that President Barack Obama called Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie to commend him for giving Michael Vick a second chance, as well as Vick and Tom Brady leading the Pro Bowl voting, Fox News bowtie enthusiast Tucker Carlson gave his own opinions on the trials and tribulations of the Eagles QB last night when he filled in for the universally beloved gentleman scholar Sean Hannity on Hannity Live.

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