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‘Battlefield: Hardline’ And ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Both Get Delayed

By | 3 Comments

EA delayed two games, but at least they're not both pushed to next year.

Drowning Sims

‘The Sims 4′ Won’t Have Toddlers Or Pool Drownings And Sims Fans Are Outraged

By | 10 Comments

Were you hoping to drown a toddler in the pool in 'The Sims 4'? Well, too bad, you sicko.


EA Finally Admits Their Micro-Transaction Tactics In ‘Dungeon Keeper’ Were Bullsh*t

By | 2 Comments

If you thought the micro-transactions in 'Dungeon Keeper' were a killjoy experiment in behavioral economics, EA's CEO may agree with you.


‘Star Wars: Battlefront III’ Returns From The Dead In Time For An E3 Trailer

By | 7 Comments

Last year, we thought 'Star Wars: Battlefront III' was as dead as Jar Jar is dead to us. But the game is back with an E3 trailer.


College Athletes Aren’t Getting Very Much Out Of EA

By | 11 Comments

The NCAA Football games will be setting EA back $40 million. But even now, the players aren't seeing much of that money.


EA Wants To Give You Free Games

By | 20 Comments

EA is now handing out free games. Really.


Will 'Titanfall 2' Come To The PS4?

By | 6 Comments

'Titanfall' will never come to the PS4. But the same likely can't be said of 'Titanfall 2.'


The ‘Titanfall’ Launch Trailer Actually Shows A Bit Of The Game’s Story

By | 3 Comments

Warm up your mech and strap on your jetpack, because 'Titanfall' arrives in less than a week...

casual games

Here’s How Micro-Transactions Are Destroying The Gaming Industry

By | 16 Comments

If you think the micro-transactions in so-called free-to-play games are often ridiculous killjoy experiments in behavioral economics, you're not alone.


Are Sports Games Dying Out?

By | 38 Comments

Sports games used to be one of the most popular genres out there. Now, they're a dying breed. What happened?


EA Is Being Sued By The NCAA For Putting Out, Er, NCAA Games

By | 27 Comments

The NCAA lawsuit has achieved the impossible: We're actually rooting for EA for once.


THQ Rises From The Grave To, Uh, Sue People

By | 7 Comments

THQ is back, a shambling litigious zombie, and the first brains it wants are EA's and the UFC's.


‘Dante’s Inferno’ Is Being Made Into A Movie

By | 18 Comments

'Dante's Inferno' is not exactly the classic the poem was, but the game has more boobs, so that's where Hollywood is going.


In Defense Of ‘Madden NFL’

By | 42 Comments

With 'Madden NFL 25' on the stands, the same criticisms of the game are rolled out... but how valid are they?


EA’s Opinion Of The SimCity Debacle? “Success!”

By | 24 Comments

The 2013 release of 'SimCity' was a mess. Good thing enough people bought it anyway so EA doesn't have to care.


Fearing Massive Lawsuits, The NCAA Is Getting Out Of The Video Game Business

By | 18 Comments

The NCAA has a profitable, popular video game series... so why are they pulling the plug?


The Xbox One’s Used Game Policies Confuse Publishers, Too

By | 36 Comments

Among the people with no idea what to make of the Xbox One's used game features? Ubisoft and EA.


New ‘Star Wars’ Video Games Coming From EA, Which Just Signed An Exclusivity Deal With Disney

By | 11 Comments

Disney made an exclusive deal with Electronics Arts (EA) to develop and publish most 'Star Wars' games. Here are the photoshopped possibilities.


Why The Next Console Generation Might Be EA’s Last

By | 19 Comments

EA just laid off 10% of its staff... and much worse might be in the works if it doesn't get it together.

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