The 5 Best National Championship Performances Ever

You know you're good when you make one shot, and yet everyone agrees: you were the best player, the one who made the biggest impact, in the most important college basketball game of the year.


Video: Russell Westbrook Dunks & Destroys Chicago’s Omer Asik

It's an unscientific formula, but here goes: Give Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook an open lane and space for a dribble and a couple of hops and someone's likely getting slammed on.

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Devin Hester’s Jordan Collection Is Crazy

I know there are a lot of amateur collectors out there who get pissed when we show athlete's collections.


Point Taken: Iman Shumpert

When David Stern called Iman Shumpert's name at the 2011 NBA Draft, Knicks fans in attendance scratched their heads – some in disgust, and some in complete confusion.


Dwight Howard & The Fear Of A Black Hat

Chamberlain was 37 years old when he did it.


Kobe Bryant On Derek Fisher: “I’m Going To Demolish Him”

I never understood the sentiment that bitter rivals couldn't become teammates.


The 2012 NCAA Tournament’s Top 5 Freshmen

If you have no collegiate allegiance and prefer the pro game, there are still plenty of reasons to watch the NCAA Tournament this season.


Rajon Rondo Unleashes The Best Assist Of His Career

Considering we just did a post on the top 10 plays of Rajon Rondo's career, it sucks to see him make a pass like this last night that would've undoubtedly been at or near the top of that list.


We Reminisce: Allen Iverson Crosses Michael Jordan

On this date in back in 1997, Allen Iverson gifted us with one of the most memorable basketball plays of our generation when he gave MJ the business with two crossovers in two seconds before pulling up and wetting the J.


5 Players You Need To Watch In The 2012 NCAA Tournament

Come June, all you'll hear about is the guys expected to be lottery picks in the NBA Draft.

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Band Of Brothers – Dime #68’s Cover Story On The Miami Heat

Falling short of an NBA championship in 2011 was not part of the plan for LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat.


Oregon’s Olu Ashaolu “Vince Carters” Utah For A Huge Dunk

Oregon is on the bubble of nearly everyone's mock NCAA Tournament bracket at 22-8.

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LeBron James Passes Away The Final Shot Again


There's not much that needs to be said that wasn't said in Smack this morning.

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Dime #68: Agents James, Wade & Bosh Take On The Universe


Does anyone else find it strange that the hottest months for basketball take place during the coldest months in America.

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Photos Of Michael Jordan’s Home On Sale For $29 Million


Yesterday it was reported by the Daily Herald that Michael Jordan was selling his Highland Park mansion for $29 million.

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