The Michael Brown Fight Video Is The First Truly Awful Hoax Of 2015

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A viral video making the rounds on Facebook claiming to show Michael Brown beating up a homeless man has been proven a hoax.


That Profanity Laced Letter To A Teacher All Your Friends Are Sharing On Facebook Is Probably Fake


This corrected version of a student's paper that was posted on Reddit is awesome. Too bad it's probably fake.


People Actually Believe That Slayer Is Going To Protest Fred Phelps' Funeral

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A lot of folks are excited that Slayer is going to protest the funeral of Westboro Baptist founder Fred Phelps. The bad news is that none of it is true.


The Story About A Woman Trapped On A Deserted Island For Seven Years Your Friends Are Sharing Is A Hoax

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You know that story about the woman found on a deserted island after seven years that's all over your Facebook wall? HOAX!

yep ended in fire

The ‘Internet Names Baby’ Contest Is Fake And Our Faith In Humanity Is Restored

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Turns out people really are OK and not dumb after all. Well, not as dumb as we thought, at least.


Is The Manti Te’o Hoax Really The Worst Fake Internet Girlfriend Story Of All-Time?

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I thought we all had a pretty great conversation about the Manti Te’o story yesterday – except the one or two commenters who sassed me – so I wanted to bring up two fun little updates to the story because they jumped out of my monitors this morning and smacked me in the balls.

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