Ring Ring Ring Ring, Hockey Phone

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In the best Raffi-related sports news since Rafael Palmeiro started pointing fingers and ending sentences with 'period', children's singer/entertainer/advocate and Bananaphone patent holder Raffi has recorded 'On Hockey Days'.


All Heck's Breakin' Loose!

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I was called a sucky pussy yesterday for believing that hockey fights are only a part of the game when hockey has actually been played, so I wanted to share footage of a completely justified bloody brawl.


Hockey Says F**k It, Gets To The Point

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A brief place-setting and match listing from Travis Hughes at SBN: Rangers coach John Tortorella and Devils coach Peter DeBoer were jawing at one another before the game, perhaps as a result of the lineup card handed in by New Jersey.


Junior Hockey’s ‘Lord Of The Flies’ Promotion Doesn’t Go As Well As Planned

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A few days ago we shared a clip from the toddler Kumite and people seemed to like it, so now every time children get stuck in brutally violent adult situations I'm going to try to share it -- for example, by way of Best Week Ever comes this clip of a bunch of Kazakhstani 9-year olds turning a post-game hockey handslapping into a full-bore gang war.


Who You Callin’ Turkey, Turkey?


No website with a HOCKEY FIGHTS tag has the right to get indignant about another country's hockey fights, but Lord, when your first game ends with two teams banding together to battle riot police you're doing it wrong.


Finally, Someone Fighting About Hockey

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I think the guy providing color commentary for this fight says it all.


The Best And Worst Of Jay Beagle Vs. Arron Asham 10/13

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What you need to know, courtesy of HockeyFights.com: Caps rookie Jay Beagle went looking for a fight with Arron Asham, one of the toughest middleweights for the past decade.


Bloodbath: Lacrosse’s Most Incredible Steel Cage Matches

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I'm starting to think these lacrosse fights are worked.


The Next Logical Career Choice

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Former NHL journeyman left winger Donald Brashear has made a great career decision as he approaches his 40th birthday -- he's getting into mixed martial arts.


Hockey Fighting’s Final Smash

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When you start this clip, everything seems to be going fine.


Goalie Fight!

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Fights in hockey have always been a key part of the game, for entertaining and also strategic reasons, but rarely do you get to see the goaltenders ever scrap it out.


Dallas Stars Make Fighting Fun

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As much as I bag on hockey, I really do like the sport despite being a St.

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