Your AHL Benchfight Of The Day

03.18.13 6 years ago 6 Comments

AHL Bench Fight

If that Team MMA concept ever gets off the ground, the Rockford IceHogs should be the first to sign up.

I mean, we’ve already seen them don a bunch of pink sweaters and throw hands at the Grand Rapids Griffins, so it should be no surprise to see them drag an opposing player onto their bench and try to beat the shit out of him. I’ll let you watch the clip and decide who YOU think is responsible for a BENCHFIGHT~, but I’m gonna site precedent and go with the Hogs.

Video is below.

My favorite part of the clip is the Wolves player (#22) on the far right who kinda winces and backs away when the action’s happening in front of him, but when he ends up too far away to actually fight, he leans out and starts poking his stick at people. You aren’t fooling anybody, buddy.

Up next: The IceHogs take on a team of six year olds and savagely beat them with their fists.

[h/t to Puck Daddy]

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