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Juliette Binoche And Four Other Reasons To Be Excited About 'Godzilla'

By | 13 Comments

'Godzilla' may have had some legal trouble, but it's also got some major pluses.


‘District 9′ Director Already At Work On SF Comedy ‘Chappie’

By | 5 Comments

Apparently Neill Blomkamp is going for something a bit more lighthearted for his next film.


$45,000 Oscar gift bags include ‘free circus lessons for losers’ children’

By | 16 Comments

It's common knowledge at this point that when you're a big star, companies will knife fight each other for the right to be the first to give you free crap.


Don’t Call The Team: Five Reasons They Shouldn’t Rush Out A ‘Justice League’ Movie

By | 40 Comments

A Justice League movie may or may not be coming out in 2015. Here's why Warners should push it back, either way.


Welcome To ‘Fat Hollywood’, Deviant ART’s Huge Obsession With Obese Actresses

By | 34 Comments

If I’ve learned anything in all of these years on this crazy spinning rock, it’s that the Internet is a place of many, many, many, many (a million times more) different tastes, and rather than try to understand them all, I should just accept most of them.


Paramount Is Funding A B-Movie Unit Called ‘Equinox’

By | 3 Comments

'Equinox' is a low budget movie about killers in space. Sounds good to us!


Tyrion Lannister Is Officially Joining The X-Men In 'Days Of Future Past'

By | 24 Comments

Peter Dinklage is joining the X-Men. As... well, either an original character, or Puck. There aren't a lot of options here.


Chris Pratt Is Your Peter Quill In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

By | 15 Comments

Chris Pratt will lead the Guardians of the Galaxy. Also, this is like the third actor named Chris Marvel has put in a lead. What gives?


Before Hollywood Ruins Them: 16 Sci-Fi and Supernatural Scripts On The 2012 Black List

By | 13 Comments

Franklin Leonard released this year's Black List, a ranking of executives' favorite screenplays of the year. Here are 16 that are relevant to our interests.


Rumor: The Villain In The Justice League Movie Will Be Exactly Who You Think It Is

By | 35 Comments

'Justice League' has a villain, and potentially a serious problem.


BitTorrent Really Wants To Be Hollywood’s Best Bud

By | 2 Comments

BitTorrent: It's not just for stealing stuff anymore!


Switzerland’s Pro-Piracy Stance Means It’s On A Congressional Watchlist

By | 10 Comments

Switzerland is now officially a "bad country" according to Congress because it isn't saying what Hollywood wants to hear.


Let’s Talk ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

By | 139 Comments

So, how many times did you see it this weekend? What’d you like? What’d you hate? And where does it rank in the Batman movie canon?

The 'Hollywood Is Just Recycling The Same Ideas Over And Over' Supercut Is Here

By | 2 Comments

Hollywood is where new ideas go to die. Here's a reminder of that sad fact.

and it's good

The Early "Amazing Spider-Man" Reviews Are In, and They're Good

By | 4 Comments

After <a href="">hearing about Sony hating "The Amazing Spider-Man"</a>, it became clear one of two things had happened: either Marc Webb had bombed, or he'd made a movie that was actually worth watching but wasn't as "commercial" as Sony had hoped, because it focused on that whole "insecure teenager" thing that execs would like to cut out of the franchise so they could hire somebody in their forties who plays well in Thailand.

abraham lincoln vampire hunters

"Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter": What'd You Think?

By | 5 Comments

Man, no wonder Timur Bekmambetov started talking about "Wanted 2" a week before this movie came out.


"The Metal Men" Are On The Way To the Silver Screen

By | 2 Comments

Barry Sonnenfeld has been developing <a href="">The Metal Men for Warner Brothers</a> as part of what seems to be their ongoing initiative to avoid actually giving any members of the Justice League their own movie at any possible cost.


Superman Costumes Resemble Spidey's A Little Too Much

By | 10 Comments

At right, you will see Superman's costume from the upcoming movie.


"Prometheus" Isn't Done With the Viral Clips Yet


What, you thought that just because the movie came out, was a reasonable hit, and will probably make its money back in theaters, that Fox was done marketing it.


"Prometheus": What'd You Think?

By | 43 Comments

"Prometheus" did pretty well financially: it lost out to dancing circus animals at the box office, <a href="">but still grossed $50 million</a>.

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