Tim Allen Compares Being Conservative In Hollywood To Living In ‘1930’s Germany’ And It Doesn’t Go Over Well

Tim Allen was on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week and while it seemed to be a harmless appearance when it aired, The Washington Post picked it up and pointed out that it highlights a certain experience for some in Hollywood. This quote, in particular, stood out for many and caused a stir online Saturday:

“You get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody else believes. This is like ’30s Germany.”

It’s not a secret that being a Conservative in Hollywood keeps you on the outside usually and Allen’s comments did garner quite the laugh at the time. The conversation started with started with Allen’s invitation to the inauguration, but soon went to the topic causing trouble. Most folks on Twitter were quick to respond and point out his arrest for cocaine in the late ’70s and others took offense to the comedian using Nazi Germany as a comparison for the plight of the right wing celebrity.

Now while none of this is surprising and is far from the first time Tim Allen has talked being a Conservative in Hollywood or has said something offensive, The Washington Post shows that it does highlight a growing feeling for many in show business. His joke on Kimmel seems to hit on something that plenty seem to feel, including members of the Friends of Abe: