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High School Sophomore Victor Dukes Is Really, Really Good At Dunking

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Earlier today Brandon posted a highlight reel of <a href="">the best high school basketball dunks from 2012</a>, which was all well and good except for the part where here we are, only a few hours later, and the whole compilation has been rendered moot.

holy crap

Here’s The Creepiest/Greatest Ad For An Air Conditioner You’ve Ever Seen


Love it or hate it, you are never going to forget this ad.

warp speed

So A Warp Drive Might Be Scientifically Possible

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Warp drive really can't come soon enough.


Holy Crap, People Are Actually Buying Comic Books Again

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Maybe there's some life in the old medium yet before it collapses in a webcomic wheeze.


Holy Crap, The Karate Rap Exists

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Earlier today, Uncle Vinnie over at FilmDrunk <a href="">introduced us to a vintage film that is near and dear to my heart, Miami Connection,</a> which is about an 80s rock band that moonlights as ninjas in order to clean up the streets of Orlando and its terrible cocaine trade.


Report: These Women Are F**king Amazing At Volleyball


What you're watching is either a volleyball match between Chinese Women Volleyball TianJin and Army or one of those Powerade commercials where they CGI the ball to make it look like Michael Vick is throwing a football out of a stadium.


Albert Pujols Is Suddenly An Angel (No, He Didn’t Die)

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If you're a fan of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, now's the time to start flapping your arms.


You Can Now Power a Car By Peeing In The Gas Tank


Researchers in the University of the West of England (formerly "University Somewhere Over There We Think") have figured out a way to power a microbial fuel cell with pee.


Graphene Creates Electricity In Sunlight?


Graphene is pretty simple stuff: it's an allotrope of carbon that's a sheet, one atom thick, of carbon atoms in a honeycomb lattice.

webshows gone wrong

Solid Snake Reads Hamlet In a Terrifying Web Show


David Hayter is a respected screenwriter (mostly of superhero movies like "X-Men").

Whakatane Beacon

Trucker Rectum Versus Air Hose: Who Ya Got?

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I suppose they do trucking just a little bit differently over there in New Zealand.

holy crap


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The name "Philip Lutzenkirchen" sounds more like a Nazi stormtrooper than a tight end, but I'll give him a pass this time because this is one of the most amazing high school football plays I've ever seen.

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