Watch A Groom Battle Ninjas, Iron Man, Batman & More To Win His Bride’s Hand In Marriage At Their Wedding

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to watch two of my good friends marry each other in a ceremony that was presided over by a very charming and witty gentleman. The night before the wedding, that same gentleman told the groom a very long story about this wedding that he had just performed, and it involved knights and ninjas, Ironman and Batman, and even the “Mouth of the South,” Jimmy Hart. The way he told it, I couldn’t help but think, “That sounds like way too much, no way they pulled that off without everyone groaning and rolling their eyes.”

Today, I happened across this video of a “Battle Wedding” that proclaims to win the Internet, and wouldn’t you know it — it’s that very same wedding, down to the very last detail that I overheard, and I was very, very wrong. Adam and Michelle not only pulled this off, but by the time that the WWF’s greatest manager arrived, I was pissed that I wasn’t invited.