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The PS4’s Most Promising Upcoming Game, ‘InFamous: Second Son’ Gets A Grungy New Trailer

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'InFamous: Second Son' is the next big game for the Playstation 4, and thankfully it's looking pretty solid...

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Want To Know What Happened To Cole McGrath? You’ll Have To Preorder inFamous: Second Son

By | 11 Comments

'inFamous: Second Son' will tell you why Cole McGrath isn't taking the lead for the third game.


Five Nominees For The Best Superhero Game Of All Time

By | 54 Comments

We have a discussion about what's the best superhero game of all time... and, of course, offer some nominees.


'inFamous 3' And 'Killzone 4': How To Peg The PS4's Launch Titles

By | 17 Comments

Sony is making it very, very easy to figure out what the PS4 launch titles will be.

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“inFamous” Vs. “inFamous 2″: Which Is Better?


Recently, Sony gave away "inFamous" as part of their "We're sorry our online security sucks and our network was down for a month" promotion, as a not-so-subtle attempt to get people to play the first one and then buy the second.

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