Sony Is Going To Be Making A Lot Of Movies Based On Video Games

As we’ve noted before, Sony is struggling with its major film franchise, the Spider-Man movies. But any major movie studio needs to have at least a few series putting butts in seats these days. So, what to do? Nathan Drake to the rescue!

According to Bloomberg, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai has told investors he plans to drive Sony’s movie sales from $8 billion to $10 billion in just four years. How? Well, partially by making lots of Spider-Man movies, but also by making video game movies.

Sony’s been trying to make this happen for a while. Uncharted has been in development for years, with God of War coming up on a decade of development itself. Sly Cooper and Ratchet and Clank are already produced; the latter is supposed to arrive in theaters sometime next year, with Sly sneaking into theaters in 2016. The Last of Us is also supposedly coming to theaters, although we’ll see how that transitions over.

More interesting, though, are the franchises we haven’t heard about yet. Sony has their own superheroes in the form of the inFamous franchise, they’ve got Killzone, and while the game will probably need to come out first, it’s fairly clear The Order: 1886 was made with an eye to being adapted.

Granted, the history of video game adaptations has been fairly rough, but it’s worth noting Sony really wants to get this right. They’ve got a lot of money riding on it, and the PlayStation brand is their gold standard. So they might not be classics… but they’re not going to be Double Dragon, either.