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Stop What You're Doing And Watch This Nun Blow Everyone Away On 'The Voice'

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This Nun shows up on 'The Voice' like a gift from God and makes everyone drop their jaws in awe.


Stop Everything And Check Out Jorge Dyksen, Badass Quadruple Amputee Soccer Player


Jorge Dyksen is a regular high school kid who also happens to be a quadruple amputee soccer player. Here's his story.


An Elderly Australian Couple Ran A Marathon. Every Day. For An Entire Year.

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An Australian couple in their 60s spent 2013 running a marathon. A marathon every single day for the entire year. THEY ARE IN THEIR SIXTIES YOU GUYS.


Recklessly Inspirational Thing Of The Day: Wheelchair Freestyle


Wheelchair freestyle by a guy named "Wheelz" features the most bad-ass and dangerous use of a wheelchair you've ever seen.

all the feels

Meet The Woman Who Threw A Dance Party In The OR Before Her Double Mastectomy

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Deborah Cohan, a doctor and mother of two, asked friends, family and the medical staff performing her double mastectomy to join her for a dance party.


Meet Patience Beard, The Cutest Amputee Cheerleader With A Zebra Leg In College Football History

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Arkansas Razorbacks cheerleader Patience Beard happens to be an amputee with a zebra-print prosthetic leg, and she's awesome.

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