Recklessly Inspirational Thing Of The Day: Wheelchair Freestyle

I love the title of this video. “Wheelchair Freestyle – Wheelz – Gnarly!” It sounds like the name of AND the commercial for a toy from the 90s.

This is Aaron Fotheringham. He calls himself “Wheelz.” He should be following around the Real Ghostbusters or whatever, but he’s not … he’s doing a bunch of freestyle tricks in a wheelchair, flipping around, crashing and burning and just generally being an inspiration to everybody. Watching a guy in a wheelchair pretend he’s skateboarding would be fun enough, but this guy’s going down hills at a million miles an hour, launching himself great distances and smearing himself into the ground. Oh, and there are backflips.

Check it out, and then show it to everybody you know:

This shouldn’t be your first indicator, but you really have no excuse for being lazy. Get out there and throw yourself from something.