Joe Maddon Offered Everyone At The Cubby Bear A Shot And A Beer

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New Cubs manager Joe Maddon is already making friends in Chicago, as he offered to buy everyone at his introduction a round of drinks.


Is Joe Maddon Headed To The Chicago Cubs As Their New Manager?


The Chicago Cubs Will Soon Have Another New Manager


Joe Maddon Is In Here Talking ‘Bout Practice

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Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon is talkin bout practice. Not the game, not the actual game. He's talkin bout practice. He's talkin bout PRACTICE.


The Tampa Bay Rays Are The Best At Giving Stuff Away

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With Spring Training here, it’s time for the most important part of any Major League Baseball preseason – checking out what kind of free stuff teams will be giving away this season.


The Dugout: A Pussy Move

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Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon and Washington Nationals manager Davey Johnson have <a href="" target="_blank">spent the last few days insulting each other</a> over an incident involving pine tar on Joel Peralta's gloves.


The Dugout Opening Days '12: Tampa Bay Rays

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Baseball season is officially upon us, and that means only one thing -- the return of <a href="" target="_blank">The Dugout</a>, the Internet's longest running and most critically acclaimed webcomic about baseball players with pun screen names pretending to curse at each other over AIM.


The Dugout: F@#%ing Avril Lavigne

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For absolutely no reason, welcome to our new weekday feature All Avril Afternoons, where Burnsy and I choose to sit inside and write about Avril instead of running around barefoot in the grass and enjoying what's left of our youth.


The Dugout: Indians/Rays Live Blog

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Most of the time The Dugout is intended as comedy, but now that I'm in charge of With Leather I am extremely interested in turning The Dugout into a marketable brand.


The Dugout: Beat L.A.

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Something's not quite right about baseball season this year.


BJ Upton Wanted To Go To Fisticuffs

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BJ Upton did his best <a href="">Scrappy Doo</a> impression after teammate Evan Longoria got all up in his grill.



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Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon is known for his meticulous managing style, or for being an over-managing douchebag, depending on whose cap you're wearing, which makes this gaffe from Sunday's game against the Cleveland Indians all the more remarkable.



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Craid Sager's sex appeal is so massive and sprawling that all in his wake are unable to control their desires.

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