James Harden Capped Off The Rockets’ Big First Half With An 80-Footer That Didn’t Count

The Rockets went up huge in the first quarter, the Warriors tightened it back up, and James Harden nearly ended the half on a high note.


Dwight Howard Bruised His Left Knee And Did Not Play The Final 11 Minutes

Dwight Howard suffered a bruised in a collision with teammate Josh Smith in the first half of Game 1. He's question able to return.


Josh Smith Is The Rockets’ Best Hope To Upset The Warriors

Smith keyed the Rockets' comeback against the Clippers, and now they face the Dubs juggernaut. Can Smoove keep it up?

Houston Rockets

Houston Steals Game 6 From Los Angeles With A Fourth-Quarter Run For The Ages


The Rockets staved-off elimination against the Clippers with a shocking fourth quarter comeback for the ages.

kevin mchale

Guess What Kevin McHale Whispered In Josh Smith’s Ear After Getting Punched In The Shoulder?


Smoove has been huge for the Rockets, helping them advance past the Dallas Mavericks. Coach McHale had some kind words for him - but what?


Who Runs The Big-To-Big Alley-Oop Better: Josh Smith And Dwight Howard Or Blake Griffin And DeAndre Jordan?


With two able passing big men, both the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers run excellent big-to-big alley-oops. So who does it better?

#Dwight Howard

Josh Smith Finds Dwight Howard For The Alley-Oop Off The Pick-And-Roll

Josh Smith and Dwight Howard have been feasting on the Mavs' pick-and-roll defense this series. They were at it again tonight on this lob.


Andrew Wiggins Powers Right Through Josh Smith For Two-Handed Smash

Andrew Wiggins is one of the best athletes in the NBA. He runs like a deer, slides like a bug, and jumps like a kangaroo. But though the Minnesota Timberwolves rookie has accumulated a wealth of highlights during his standout debut campaign, he hadn't yet put a big-name player on a poster...until Friday night.

Houston Rockets

Josh Smith Finds Dwight Howard For Alley-Oop – On Two Straight Possessions

Fool the Minnesota Timberwolves once, shame on Josh Smith and Dwight Howard. Fool the young 'Wolves twice? It's probably fair to blame their absolutely porous defense.


Josh Smith Cocks Back For Sick Facial Jam Over Chris Kaman

Josh Smith might not be the hyper-athlete he was five years ago, but the Houston Rockets forward can still get up when the time really calls for it. Was there any doubt he'd win this challenge at the rim with Portland Trail Blazers backup center Chris Kaman?

Markieff Morris

Video: Markieff Morris Smashes Hammer Dunk On Josh Smith

The Houston Rockets' Josh Smith isn't the all-around athlete he used to be. Even at the height of his ultra-versatile defensive powers, though, we doubt J-Smoove could stop Markieff Morris when the Phoenix Suns forward challenges him with intentions like this.


GIF: Brandon Jennings Clinches Win Over Raptors With Last Second Steal

Perhaps the biggest surprise in the NBA over the last few weeks has been the dramatic turnaround of the Detroit Pistons.


Videos: Josh Smith Dazzles With No-Look Dime, Chase-Down Block, Poster Dunk

This is the Josh Smith the Houston Rockets envisioned when signing the talented but beleaguered lefty last month.

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