John Oliver’s Enlightening Prison Segment Used A Muppet Sing-A-Long To Hammer Home How F*cked Things Are

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John Oliver used muppets and drop the soap supercuts to explain the state of our prison system, and it was still as depressing as hell.


John Oliver Used A Puppy And George R.R. Martin To Illustrate Everything Wrong With Dr. Oz

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John Oliver used a puppy, George R.R. Martin, and Steve Buscemi to make the case against Dr. Oz and the nutritional supplement industry.


Watch John Oliver Compare Dan Snyder Clinging To The Redskins Name To Some Of The Worst Things In History

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Watch John Oliver lay the smack down on Dan Snyder and his insistence on keeping the highly offensive Washington Redskins name.

2014 FIFA World Cup

John Oliver Took FIFA To The Woodshed Just In Time For The 2014 World Cup

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John Oliver's excitement for the World Cup is tempered only by his knowledge of FIFA.


John Oliver’s Morissey Impersonation Is Something To Behold

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Who knew John Oliver's super power is the ability to channel Morrissey at the drop of a hat?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Watch Lisa Loeb Help John Oliver Call The People Of Oregon ‘F*cking Idiots’

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Lisa Loeb appeared on "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" to sing a song about how everyone in Oregon is a "f*cking idiot."

#jimmy fallon

Here’s John Oliver Describing How His British Friends Made Fun Of Him For Crying On ‘The Daily Show’

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And don't forget to stick around for bonus Hulk Hogan ear cup impersonations. John Oliver is the best.

david letterman

REPORT: CBS Approached John Oliver About Hosting A Late Night Show

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Anticipating it might have a hole to fill in its late night lineup, CBS approached John Oliver about hosting a show last summer, according to the Hollywood Reporter.


Watch This Hilarious New Trailer For ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’

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HBO gives us the first glimpse of 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.'

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