This Fan-Made ‘Akira’ Project Will Change Your Mind About A Live-Action Movie

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Craving for a live-action 'Akira' film? This fan-made trailer will quench that thirst.

the little mermaid

Sofia Coppola Is In Talks To Direct A Little Mermaid Movie

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Sofia Coppola is in talks to direct the story of a disaffected princess and her interracial romance.

#video games

This ‘inFamous: Second Son’ Spot Is The Closest We’ll Get To An inFamous Movie

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inFamous: Second Son has a live action spot better than some superhero movies.

world at war

Call Of Duty Nazi Zombies In Real Life

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Killing Nazis was getting a little stale.

#james franco

Akira’s Kaneda is… James Franco?


It looks like the live-action US adaptation of Akira may have found it's Kaneda.


Live-action Bubblegum Crisis Movie Will Please Both Fans


Hey, remember the 90's Anime series Bubblegum Crisis.


Live-action Akira Movie To Disappoint Two Continents

By | 4 Comments

Has there been one live-action adaptation of an Anime property that has been halfway decent.

steven tyler

Space Battleship Yamato Trailer Has A Giant Gun & Steven Tyler


Despite that headline, you don't have to worry about Steven Tyler's old-granny face popping up in the live-action adaptation of the classic Japanese Anime Space Battleship Yamato.

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