Comedian Laurie Kilmartin Is Livetweeting Her Dad’s Death, And It’s Tragic And Hilarious

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Laurie Kilmartin is handling a terrible situation with a sense of humor.


The History Channel Is ‘Live Tweeting’ John F. Kennedy’s Fateful Trip To Dallas

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On the 50th anniversary of the day John F. Kennedy was shot and killed, the History Channel is 'live Tweeting' his trip to Dallas.

bad breakups

This Guy Livetweeted The Most Awkward Brooklyn Rooftop Breakup Of All-Time

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If you break up in public, your conversation WILL be livetweeted.

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NPR 'Weekend Edition' Host Scott Simon Has Been Livetweeting His Mother's Death

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The host of NPR's "Weekend Edition," Sam Simon, has been tweeting about his mother's death. It's the most depressing thing ever.


Guys, Do Not Hit On Models If You're Married, Especially If She's Live Tweeting The Encounter

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REAL TALK: guys (and gals), if you’re in a relationship or married, don’t flirt with other people, even if they’re extremely attractive models.

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Osama Bin Laden Getting Shot In The Face: Live-Tweeted


As you've probably heard by now, Osama Bin Laden got shot in the face and dumped in the ocean by American forces, something we're sure Free Republic is overjoyed about even as they're trying to pretend it wasn't done by a guy they hate, or are formulating conspiracy theories about how "OSAMA is ALIVE AND IN THE STATE DEPARTMENT.

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