The Internet Is Fascinated With A Guy Who Tried To Return Cubed Butternut Squash He Thought Was Cheese


If you’ve ever spent any time in the produce section of any grocery store (and for the sake of your personal health, I would hope that you have) you’ve probably noticed cubed butternut squash for sale. This is because butternut squash, on its own, is kind of a pain in the ass to peel and chop, and — while it’s not quite as lazy as, say, pre-sliced avocados — it can save you a minor headache if you’re pressed for time.

Also, if you squint, it kind of looks a little bit like cubed yellow-orange cheese.

Now, you and I both know that butternut squash is not cheese, mostly because it’s typically sitting next to like, pre-bagged salads and crudités on the shelf at the grocery store, and also because the container is almost always clearly marked “butternut squash.”

But unfortunately not everyone is as perceptive as you and I, and that’s how SB writer James Dator ended up as witness to the following interaction between a grocery store customer and employee who was definitely not being paid enough to deal with this shit.

(Seems reasonable enough?)

Is there anything sadder than butternut squash of defeat? At any rate, Dator’s tweets have since gone viral, and people had both jokes as well as words of empathy for the poor employee.

Dator’s colleagues at SB Nation also made sure to point out that, yes, cubed butternut squash and cheese do look pretty similar.

Yeah, no. Sorry dudes, not buying it.

(Via BroBible)