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Watch Matthew McConaughey Tell An Entertaining Story About His Wild High School Days

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This classic interview features Matthew McConaughey telling a story about the time he ventured to the rough side of town in high school.


Hispanics Be Beefin’

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Here's something I didn't know: Erik Estrada and George Lopez have a long-standing feud that apparently stems from Lopez making fun of Estrada in his stand-up act.


George Lopez's Final Monologue

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I actually kinda felt bad for George Lopez when I heard that TBS was canceling "Lopez Tonight.


Lopez Tonight: A Look Back On What We'll Be, Ugh, Missing


Yesterday Matt brought us the tragic news that (brace yourselves) tonight's episode of Lopez Tonight on TBS will be the final show.


Aw, Poor George Lopez

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I've never particularly liked George Lopez, but he was gracious about moving from 11 p.


Kara DioGuardi Ate Paula Abdul’s Pot Brownies

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Apparently, Kara DioGuardi was on "Lopez Tonight" recently, and discussed an incident a few years ago where she ate pot brownies at Paula Abdul's house.

william shatner

Shatner Sings Cee-Lo’s ‘F**k You’

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William Shatner was a guest on George Lopez's show last night, and for one reason or another -- a nod to his show "$%^ My Dad Says," I suppose -- he sang Cee-Lo Green's viral hit "F**k You.


Louis CK on ‘Lopez Tonight’

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Embedded below is five minutes of new material from Louis C.

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The Internet Was Made for This

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I don't think I've ever had a reason to post a clip from "Lopez Tonight" before, unless it was to detail how much George Lopez's alleged "comedy" doesn't appeal to me.

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