Watch A Six-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Get Surprised With A Superhero Bedroom

Kaiden is dealing with bone cancer, but thanks to a Wisconsin charity, he won't have to do it alone.


When IKEA Holds A Costume Contest, We All Win.


IKEA's Malaysian division announced a contest, asking their Facebook fans to dress up as any IKEA product. The results are spectacular.

meme watch

Meme Watch: #MakeupTransformation Will Teach You One Weird Trick To Look Like Celebrities


Hilarious parodies of celebrity makeup tutorials have taken over the formerly-serious hashtag #MakeupTransformation.


Jimmy Kimmel Gave The World’s Ugliest Dog An Adorably Handsome Makeover

Peanut, the winner of the 2014 World's Ugliest Dog competition, was a guest of honor for a makeover on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' last night.


Nestlé Is Giving Hot Pockets A 30th Anniversary Makeover


Nestlé is giving Hot Pockets a new look and better ingredients to appeal to the more picky generation of foodies and moms with eyes for nutrition.


Cracker Jacks Getting A Radical Makeover


Because no one has demanded that someone buy them some Cracker Jacks at a ballgame in quite some time, the folks at PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay have decided to reinvent the ballpark snack of old, in order to appeal to younger fans.


On Its 30th Birthday, Hooters Is Going Straight Edge With A Family Makeover


As we learned during Saturday’s UFC on FX 7 live discussion, Dana White’s empire has once again teamed with the restaurant franchise Hooters to make it the official watch party location for the new season of The Ultimate Fighter, which debuts tonight at 8 PM on FX.


Victor Cruz Looks All Pretty Now

Since bursting onto the New York Giants’ roster as a dominating speed receiver, Victor Cruz has become the NFL’s latest prom king – that out-of-nowhere stud that captures the spotlight and is beloved by everyone.

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