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Arnold Schwarzenegger Opens Up About His Love Child And His Divorce From Maria Shriver


Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke candidly with Howard Stern about his divorce from Maria Shriver and his son's relationship with Miley Cyrus.

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Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Parents May Revoke His Trust Fund Because Of Miley Cyrus


For some reason Patrick Schwarzenegger's parents don't seem to approve of his relationship with Miley Cyrus.

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The Comprehensive Guide To The Best, Most Inspiring Commencement Speeches Of 2012

When it comes to commencement speeches, too many colleges take the boring road and choose some random schlub that a group of 20-somethings has barely heard of, because the old farts calling the shots would love to hear what Fogey Johnson has to say about the old days.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger knocked up one of his slaves or something


New revelations have come to light, forcing Arnold Schwarzenegger to admit having gone all Sally Hemmings (or possibly Rielle Hunter) up in "a member of his household staff," implanting his bastard seed in the lining of her home-wrecking uterus.

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Arnold leaves Maria to pursue big-assed Brazilians?


It was barely a month ago when I posted an old video of Arnold Schwarzenegger enjoying Carnivale in Rio back in 1983 (that's Arnold in the banner picture, using his hand goggles to get a better look at a Brazilian folk dancer's traditional tribal garb, the thong).

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Social Media Foretold Schwarzenegger/Shriver Divorce

If when you heard the news last night or this morning that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver were calling it quits after 25 years of marriage you thought, "Gee, I never saw that coming," well, you just weren't paying close enough attention.




Maria Shriver and the Center for American Progress conducted a study on the status of women, and some of the results find fault with the depiction of women in television today.

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