Mike Dunleavy Banks In Game-Winning 3-Pointer Over The Bucks


The visiting Bulls were trailing 90-88 in Milwaukee with under 10 seconds left, when Mike Dunleavy opened up curling around a pair of screens at the top of the three-point line.


The 20 Best 3-Point Shooters In The NBA Right Now

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While Dime has done stories on both the best shooters in the NBA and the players with the deepest range, we've never focused solely on the three-pointer.


Video: Larry Sanders Bulldozes Danny Granger & Wants To Fight Everyone


In a night where everyone seemed to have beef with everyone else in the NBA, Pacers-Bucks started it all — and it continued into the press conferences afterward.

Wayne Ellington

Duke vs. North Carolina: NBA Alumni Game

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In one of the most storied rivalries in sports, Duke and North Carolina played last night at Cameron Indoor Stadium, in what turned out to be a great game.


Rondo changes his game to spark Boston’s Super Bowl Sunday win

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Here's the thing: Just because Rajon Rondo doesn't score a lot, it doesn't mean he can't score.


How will the Indiana Pacers fix their franchise?

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Even when the packaging and presentation gets on your nerves, Terrell Owens does at least know what he's talking about.


LeBron plays with House money to beat Detroit; Durant drops 40

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The Big Three was down to the Chosen One for last night's Heat/Pistons game, which naturally meant for LeBron James that the role of fourth-quarter hero would fall into the hands of -- Eddie House.

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NBA Trade Pitch: Danny Granger to the Spurs for Richard Jefferson

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As much as I hate sports/dating analogies -- I really can't hear one more comparison between LeBron James leaving Cleveland and somebody breaking off a relationship -- when it comes to trades, the process does resemble most club hook-ups: One side wants it, while the other has to be convinced they want it.


Duke’s Nolan Smith: “We’re not the defending champions”


Coach K's four national championship teams at Duke University have been defined by threes.

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Paul Millsap channels Karl Malone as Utah shocks Miami

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Last night we saw the best and the worst of the Miami Heat.

Troy Murphy

The Pacers Need a Point Guard

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As the end of the NBA regular season draws near, fans of the forgotten Lottery squads all ask themselves one question: Should we start tanking games now to get a better draft pick.

Troy Murphy

The trade bringing Evan Turner, Elton Brand to Indiana

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The funniest thing about the NBA Draft Lottery is how team reps try to balance acting happy about getting a high pick with looking sufficiently disappointed that their team was bad enough to end up at the Lottery in the first place.


Top 5 Current NBA Father/Son Combinations

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After the success of Stephen Curry this season, and watching his flawless jumper that has been passed down from his pops (Dell Curry), this got us thinking: If there were a father/son 2-on-2 tournament with current NBA players and their former NBA dads, who would win.


Ray Allen drops bombs on LeBron; San Antonio is still a contender

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How many of you turned away from Cavs/Celtics in the third quarter to go about your Easter Sunday laziness or (if you're on the West Coast) go back to sleep.

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