Watch This Woman Impressively Rescue Her Bra Out Of Her Neighbor’s Backyard


This woman used quite the 'ninja technique' to rescue her bra, which had fallen in her neighbor's backyard garden.


A Group Of Ninjas Wearing Fedoras Are Robbing The Wealthy In Southwestern Florida

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Authorities are on the lookout for a group of mysterious ninjas wearing fedoras after a string of robberies in Florida.


Watch A Groom Battle Ninjas, Iron Man, Batman & More To Win His Bride’s Hand In Marriage At Their Wedding

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This incredible battle wedding video features a groom taking on ninjas, Iron Man, Batman, a knight and more, all for his lovely bride.


‘The Wolverine’ Extended Edition Is The Wolverine You Always Wanted

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'The Wolverine' has an "unrated" cut that really should have been in theaters.


73 Sports Movies In 73 Days: '3 Ninjas'

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For today’s installment of 73 Sports Movies in 73 Days, I decided to buck this week’s trend of picking movies that I love by going with one that I’ve always hated – 3 Ninjas.


Ninja Golf Swing


This is what it looks like when a ninja swings a golf club.


Ninja Cat Deftly Avoids Kitten Attack


Just when a naive kitten thinks he has his older friend cornered, the wiser cat deftly executes a slick parkour-style escape.


Danny Green Vs. A Child Ninja. Who Ya Got?


Danny Green of the San Antonio Spurs was racing back to the locker room to watch the Sprint Halftime Report (I assume) and almost had his life ended when a CHILD NINJA appeared from out of nowhere and almost took him out.


Urban Ninja 3


The latest installment of the iconic and hilarious 'Urban Ninja' web series, in which Kinetsu Hayabusa surprises unsuspecting strangers by doing ninja things in urban settings.


Kung Fu, Knife Fights, Synth Pop, & Justice on the Streets of Orlando

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From the folks who brought you The FP and Klown comes yet another batshit-looking release called Miami Connection.


'Justified': Shaolin Shadowboxing

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This week's episode of "Justified" (titled "The Man Behind the Curtain") was the first in a while that didn't feature a main crime-of-the-week storyline.


Middle-Aged Unemployed Ninja Briton


Father of two and unemployed ex-military guard Ken Andre of Yeovil, Somerset, England, prowls the streets up to four nights a week in his Japanese Ninjutsu robe as a self-styled superhero named Shadow.


Never Forget Ninja Corgi and the Links


Twitter Reacts Hilariously to the Great East Coast Earthquake of 2011 |UPROXX| Ryan Gosling's Esquire Profile: The Choice Quotes |FilmDrunk| Supreme Fall/Winter 2011 Collection Lookbook |TSS| 5 Kickass Movie GIF Photosets: Part One |UPROXX| 5 Reasons Google+ Is Going to Crush Facebook |UPROXX| R.


What’s On Tonight: Swimming, Ninjas & Food

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Bachelor Pad (ABC) - Tonight's episode features synchronized swimming.

#Star Wars

Links With Vaders, Ninjas, and Pretty Ladies


PICTURE ABOVE: "Volkswagen's Lil' Vader Max Page ran into OV James Earl Jones while hanging out in NYC.


Cowboys and Ninjas? Cowboys and Ninjas

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Some new clips from Warrior's Way are out and I am morally (sexually.


Disgruntled karate instructor ninja attack should be a movie

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Lost in all the hubbub and butt plug of movie news is a real-life story with all the drama and intrigue of Hollywood blockbuster.


UPDATE: Steve Jobs Is Probably Not A Ninja

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UPDATE: Now with Taiwanese animation video showing exactly what happened.

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