Oakland A's Turn a Triple Play


Josh Donaldson hauls in a chopper, steps on third and fires to second base, where Adam Rosales hangs tough to turn a triple play.


Morning Links: Triple Play, Yo


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The Oakland A's Are Having Issues


In one of the worst defensive plays in Major League Baseball history, A.


Manny Ramirez Quits The A's, Does These Drugs, Has Cancer Hair

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Manny Ramirez asked the Oakland Athletics to release him from his minor league contract on Friday, and they obliged.


Still Pretty Good For A Guy With No Legs

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Actor Gary Sinise has accomplished a lot in his 35-year film career -- he's shot Lennie Small in the back of the head, gone on a mission to Mars, helped the Apollo astronauts get back to Earth and dropped an atomic bomb on World War II Japan -- but he's most famous for his role as Forrest Gump's lieutenant Dan Taylor, a depressed amputee who comes from a long line of soldiers with a dubious history of dying in combat.


Move Over 'Bad Date At The Astros Game'

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Back in 2010, we were introduced to <a href="">a young couple at a Houston Astros game</a>, as they became instant Internet celebrities thanks to every sports blog on the planet and eventually Daniel Tosh.


Brandon McCarthy Is My Favorite Player

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He should be your favorite player, too.


Miguel Tejada Works Well In Either Adaptation


Saturday Night Live isn't always on the cutting edge of comedy and "baseball = steroids" isn't the most creative joke, but I couldn't help but enjoy this Moneyball parody from Saturday's show.

boston red sox

Did You Know That Moneyball Comes Out Tomorrow?

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With Moneyball set to hit theaters tomorrow, Sony Pictures has the PR and marketing armada in full force, with the exclamation point being Brad Pitt on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week.


Trash Arguing About Garbage

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Foul balls -- <a href="">people who want them, and the fatter, meaner people who end up taking them</a> -- have become an important topic of discussion at With Leather.

boston red sox

Poor Little Guys: The Seattle Mariners’ Losing Streak As Told By Sad Dogs

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On July 5, in the 10th inning of a 2-2 game against the Oakland Athletics, Franklin Gutierrez and Brendan Ryan scored to give the Seattle Mariners a 4-2 victory and a.


The Dugout: Crooked Neck Club

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A few words about <a href="">The Dugout</a> before you read today's strip.


The Line Between Laughs and Tragedy

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I spent all morning trying to figure out whether or not I should write about this.


Oakland Would Play Better If They Turned On Some Lights

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At long last, here is your full, high-definition theatrical trailer for Moneyball, the Aaron Sorkin adaptation of the book by Michael M.


The Dugout: Crooked Hair Club

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Coco Crisp has been a recurring character in <a href="">The Dugout</a> for a number of reasons, including wearing his hat sideways, getting arrested for things and playing for teams of interest (even the Royals).


Coco Crisp Got A DUI

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The most deliciously named (pause.


Dallas Braden Complains A Lot

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On April 22, then-unknown Oakland Athletics pitcher Dallas Braden made a name for himself when he lashed out at New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez for breaking one of baseball’s unwritten laws – you never walk over a man’s mound.

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