This Incredible Throw Is Yet Another Reminder That Yoenis Céspedes Is A Pretty Good Baseball Player

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06.11.14 13 Comments

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At a time when some website I’ve never heard of has been spreading that old and clearly fake video of Evan Longoria “saving” a reporter from a line drive with his bare hand (it was an ad for Gillette if you’re among the people sharing it in disbelief on Facebook), Yoenis Céspedes is the hero we so desperately need. The Oakland Athletics outfielder made what appeared to be an amateur mistake on a hit from Mike Trout last night, as he took his eyes off the ball while fielding it and allowed it to get away from him. That initial blunder is the cause of my reluctance in reacting to this video like so many others, with a “ZOMG IT’S THE GREATEST PLAY IN THE HISTORY OF SPROTS!” cry of joy.

But then again, his response to his potential run-costing error does, in fact, make me want to shout such jibberish to the gods in baseball heaven, anointing Céspedes as the one true cannon of lasers. In case you haven’t already seen this video on the morning SportsCenter loop, watch Céspedes make a Throw of the Year candidate that left everyone from Angels fans to the announce team stunned by its impossible accuracy. In fact, I’ll be right back, because I’m going to make sure this isn’t a Gillette ad, too.

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