With Leather’s Watch This: Rickey Henderson Loves That He Won The Mascot Race

I hate that we don’t have more Rickey Henderson in our lives, because Rickey Henderson is the kind of guy who should always be around to offer Rickey Henderson’s take on today’s baseball. Fox Sports 1 should give Rickey Henderson a show called Rickey Henderson’s Take On Rickey Henderson’s Baseball, so he can tell us what Rickey Henderson thinks about topics like Yasiel Puig dissing the media or Rickey Henderson watching a Rickey Henderson mascot at an Oakland A’s game, as that just so happens to be the team that Rickey Henderson played for.

Heart you, Rickey Henderson.

[mlbvideo id=”29807975″ width=”600″ height=”424″ /]

CONCACAF Champions League Soccer: W Connection vs. Houston – 8 PM ET on Fox Sports 1

I don’t know what any of that stuff means. Neither does Rickey Henderson.

Little League World Series: U.S. Elimination Game – 8 PM ET on ESPN 2

Rev up the tear ducts, because little kids are going to be crying all week!

WNBA: Los Angeles at Seattle – 10 PM ET on ESPN 2

Come on, please let there be some NFL preseason on.

NFL Preseason: 49ers vs. Chiefs – 8 PM ET on NFL Network

Is this a repeat? Sure. But football’s football.

Hard Knocks: Cincinnati Bengals – 10 PM ET on HBO

Unless that football is practice footage. I still don’t really like this show. Of course, I eat those words every time Pacman Jones says something. Sorry, I mean Adam Jones.

MLB: Diamondbacks at Reds – 7 PM ET on MLB Network

Only 40 games left, folks. Better watch as much baseball as possible so you don’t suddenly realize how much you took it for granted come November. What do you think about that, Rickey?

I thought so.

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