A Florida Man Shot His Sister In The Butt Over A Penis-Shaped Birthday Cake

By | 5 Comments

We've kind of at a loss for words over this latest Florida story...

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This Guy Drew A Dick A Day On Snapchat And Got Super Creative With It

By | 3 Comments

Now Dominic Intagliata is internet-famous for it. So what are you doing with your life?


Science Has Finally Determined The Average Penis Size

By | 27 Comments

British researchers have established what the average penis really is. Suffice to say, it's not what people self-report.


Meet The Woman Who Allegedly Tried To Bite Her Boyfriend’s Penis Off While He Slept

By | 13 Comments

31-year-old Amber Ellis allegedly tried to bite her boyfriend's penis off while he slept. How's that for a rude awakening?


Meet Foregen, The People Who Want To Regrow Your Foreskin

By | 14 Comments

Want a new foreskin? Foregen wants to grow you one! Possibly whether you want one or not.


This Girl On Tinder Requested A 7 Page Essay From A Potential Boo On Why His Penis Was ‘Worthy’

By | 8 Comments

Would you write a seven page essay to win over a girl on Tinder? This guy did, with some help from Reddit.


Witness The Tragedy Of A Giant Snow Penis Being Ruthlessly Demolished By A Bulldozer

By | 3 Comments

Students at Texas Tech University built a giant snow penis on campus and were unsuccessful in their attempts to rescue it from being destroyed.

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A Scorned Woman In China Chopped Her Husband’s Penis Off Twice In One Day

By | 24 Comments

A woman in China cut off her husband's penis twice in one day after discovering messages he had sent to a younger mistress.

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These Students Used Permanent Marker To Play A Devious Trick On Their Teacher

By | 11 Comments

Classroom pranks are sometimes best when they are kept simple. This dry erase prank is a prime example.


Meet The Man Who Painted A Portrait Of Kim Kardashian’s Butt With His Penis

By | 7 Comments

Remember way back in November when Paper magazine revealed a cover that featured Kim Kardashian balancing a champagne glass on her impossibly large ass.


Science Has Found The True Source Of All Penises

By | 8 Comments

Why is the penis located where it is? Scientists have investigated, and it turns out to be nature doing some recycling.


Rihanna Wants ‘A Big Trimmed ****’ For Christmas

By | 19 Comments

Does Rihanna want a trimmed penis for Christmas? Because it looks like Rihanna wants a trimmed penis for Christmas.


Scientists Can Now Grow You A New Penis

By | 13 Comments

Yes, they are now working on growing a penis in a lab. Isn't the future amazing?

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Ben Affleck Thinks His Penis Makes A Brief Appearance In ‘Gone Girl’

By | 14 Comments

In a new interview for 'Gone Girl,' Ben Affleck claims that if we look close enough, we might be able to see his penis in one scene.

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