Meet The Man Who Painted A Portrait Of Kim Kardashian’s Butt With His Penis

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Remember way back in November when Paper magazine revealed a cover that featured <a href="" target="_blank">Kim Kardashian balancing a champagne glass</a> on her impossibly large ass.


Science Has Found The True Source Of All Penises

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Why is the penis located where it is? Scientists have investigated, and it turns out to be nature doing some recycling.


Rihanna Wants ‘A Big Trimmed ****’ For Christmas

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Does Rihanna want a trimmed penis for Christmas? Because it looks like Rihanna wants a trimmed penis for Christmas.


Scientists Can Now Grow You A New Penis

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Yes, they are now working on growing a penis in a lab. Isn't the future amazing?

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Ben Affleck Thinks His Penis Makes A Brief Appearance In ‘Gone Girl’

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In a new interview for 'Gone Girl,' Ben Affleck claims that if we look close enough, we might be able to see his penis in one scene.


Man Gets Penis Stuck In Pipe For Two Days, Finally Calls Doctors With Unbelievable Explanation

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A man whose penis was stuck in a pipe for two full days offered an unbelievable explanation to doctors.

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Watch News Anchors React In Horror After A Fox Affiliate Accidentally Shows A Penis On The Air

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Wait until you see the team at Fox 31 in Denver react when they accidentally put a penis on the screen.


There’s A Penis Hidden In A Scene From ‘An American Tale: Fievel Goes West’

By | 14 Comments

Thanks to some Internet snooping, a penis drawing was found on a single frame during a scene in 'An American Tale: Fievel Goes West.'


Fatal Farm’s ‘RoboCop’ Remake Features A LOT Of Penis Shooting

By | 24 Comments

Fifty amateur and professional filmmakers contributed to 'Our RoboCop Remake,' but no scene may be more ridiculous than the one created by Fatal Farm.


Make Fun Of Vladimir Putin And You Just Might Get A Giant Wooden Penis On Your Car

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One of the people behind a popular Twitter parody account that takes on Putin and the Russian government found a giant wooden penis chained to her car.


Someone Drew A Giant Penis In The Snow On The Field At Cincinnati’s Nippert Stadium

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A band of merry pranksters drew a giant penis in the snow on the field at the University of Cincinnati's Nippert Stadium.


There Is A Drawing Of A Penis On The Mars Surface

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NASA'S Mars Rover drew a penis on the surface of Mars. Good job, nerds.


Man Born Without A Penis Will Have One Made … Out Of His Arm

By | 17 Comments

Meet Andrew Wardle, a British man who was born without a penis, but is getting one made...out of his arm.

#Mad Men

Breaking: Giant Ding Dong Invades America

By | 15 Comments

There has been an unbelievable amount of great TV news today.


Haha, They Said ‘Weiner’

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I'm gonna keep things simple and lowbrow: here's a collection of local news anchors saying "Weiner" while talking about the disgraced New York congressman (today's New York Post front page: "OBAMA BEATS WEINER").

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