‘Deadpool’ Creator Clarifies If Deadpool And Wolverine Can Regrow, Um, Everything

With Deadpool back in the news thanks to a new Deadpool 2 teaser, a new castmember, and a new graphic novel — Deadpool: Bad Blood — releasing on May 17th, now is a great time for Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld to grant interviews about the character, answering all of the fans’ most pressing questions. And we mean all of the pressing questions, including classy queries like, “Hey, Rob, can Deadpool and Wolverine grow a new penis? Asking for a friend.”

Inverse posed the question (bless them) and he confirmed their healing powers work on every part of the body, of course.

“Yes, yes,” Liefeld said with a laugh. “We would never, ever live in a world where Deadpool can’t regenerate his own cock and balls.”

[…] “People always ask me: If you cut off Deadpool’s head, would he generate a new body? Or would the body generate a new head? […] He would generate a new head, and I’m telling you, he would generate a new head.”

Say no more.

As for Wolverine’s junk, anybody who read Garth Eniss’ run on Punisher already got the answer in issue 17, when Punisher shot Wolverine in the groin at point blank range and said, “They’ll grow back.”

As if we needed more reasons to never mess with Frank Castle.

(Via Inverse and Bleeding Cool)