A Photoshop Maestro Turned This Squirrel Into All Of Your Favorite Superheroes

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Spanish artist Santiago Perez turned one heroic-looking squirrel into popular superheroes using Photoshop.


Great Odin’s Raven! It’s A New ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Video And Posters.

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Here are new posters and video for 'Thor: The Dark World', and yes, this was all an excuse to post photoshops and use an 'Anchorman' joke in the headline.


Matt Damon Supports Ben Affleck’s Batman Casting, Disses Batman

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Matt Damon defends Ben Affleck's Batman casting, disses Batman, and says he's seen one of those Robin photoshops about him. (Plus a glorious GIF)


Val Kilmer Weighs In On Ben Affleck As Batman (Plus More Batfleck Memes)

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Val Kilmer, Adam West, and others weigh in on Ben Affleck playing Batman. We've also collected more funny Batfleck photoshops, GIFs, and tweets.


Batfleck Rises: The Funniest Internet Reactions To Ben Affleck Being Cast As Batman

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We've collected the funniest Twitter reactions and photoshops about Ben Affleck's casting as Batman in 'Man of Steel 2'.


Faceswapping Tom And Colin Hanks Is Your New Nightmare Fuel

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The only thing that is going to make sense of all this is Chet Haze's reaction.


Some Genius Photoshopped Aziz Ansari’s Face Onto A Bunch Of Rap Album Covers. Hilarity Ensued.

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I guess it was only a matter of time before some bored Photoshop wizard killed a few hours of his life Photoshopping Aziz's face into rap album covers.


The Internet Re-Created A Bunch Of Classic Paintings With Modern Celebrities

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Here are a handful I thought you guys would enjoy most, beginning with a well-timed interpretation of Steve Carell.

#emma stone

Have You Ever Wondered What Your Favorite Celebrities Would Look Like As Bobbleheads?

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With a little Photoshop magic, celebrities like Alison Brie, Mila Kunis and Emma Stone make some pretty lovely bobbleheads.


Adobe’s ‘Creative Cloud’ Means You Can Now Only Rent Photoshop For $600 Per Year

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Adobe really, really wants you to start looking into free alternatives to its products.

#Star Wars

New ‘Star Wars’ Video Games Coming From EA, Which Just Signed An Exclusivity Deal With Disney

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Disney made an exclusive deal with Electronics Arts (EA) to develop and publish most 'Star Wars' games. Here are the photoshopped possibilities.


Patton Oswalt’s ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Now Has A Marvelous Poster

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Patton Oswalt's hilarious 'Star Wars: Episode VII' pitch from 'Parks And Recreation' now has a nerd bonerific poster.


Actresses Without Teeth Is Here To Meet Your Weekly Nightmare Fuel Quota

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They are all now toothless, hideous swamp monsters. Click through at your own risk.


Benedict Cumberbatch Pokémon Are A Treasure

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Last week it was Nic Cage Pokémon. This week it's Benedict Cumberbatch Pokémon, based on the only actor Tumblr obsesses about more than Nic Cage.


Gotta Cage ‘Em All: Nic Cage Pokémon Are Real, Fantastic

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A new single-serving Tumblr is creating a Nic Cage Pokémon for all original 151 characters. Nic Cage is a Charizard. Your argument is invalid.


Meme Watch: 'Thumbs and Ammo' Gives Iconic Movies A PG-Rated Makeover

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'Thumbs and Ammo' takes iconic movie scenes and replaces all of the firearms with a friendly thumbs up. Hey, at least it isn't walkie talkies.


I'm Lovin' It: Sponsored Superheroes Pay For Their Crimefighting With Corporate Endorsements

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Roberto Vergati Santos photoshopped "sponsored superheroes" who turn to corporations for a needed influx of cash.

Wonder Woman

Olivia Wilde Would Still Like To Play Wonder Woman

By | 26 Comments

Olivia Wilde said she'd love to play Wonder Woman in 'Justice League' and did the iconic pose. We also suggest other actors for the role, with photoshops.


The Best Of The ‘Joseph Gordon-Levitt Working Out’ Photoshop Challenge

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Check out a collection of the best Joseph Gordon-Levitt working out Photoshops made by Redditors.

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