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‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ Debuts President Snow’s Address

By | 5 Comments

'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One' would like you to vote for President Snow. Well, not that you have a choice...

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The ‘Daily Show’ Found Another Creepy Anti-Obamacare Ad To Creep Everyone Out

By | 28 Comments

Jon Stewart and his Daily Show staff found another creepy anti-Obamacare ad, complete with a creepy Dr. Kevorkian lookalike. So there's that.


This Anti-Obamacare Commercial Is The Creepiest Thing You’ll See This Week

By | 11 Comments

The latest Generation Opportunity commercial for opposition to Obamacare features a really creepy Uncle Sam as a gynecologist.


Carl Sciortino Jr.’s New Political Ad Is A Nice Change Of Pace

By | 6 Comments

In his new political ad, Massachusetts' liberal Carl Sciortino Jr. has a playful exchange with his dad, who is a member of the Tea Party.

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Is This The Most Offensive Political Ad Ever?


A lot of people who follow politics felt that the 2010 political season produced some of the dirtiest, most offensive political ads in the history of politics.

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