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LISTEN: Mel Gibson drops another single

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Last week when TheWrap broke Eszterhas told <a href=",1" target="_blank">TheWrap</a> on Wednesday that he released the recording because “Gibson called me a liar.

hotel internet service

We All Need To Start Demanding Hotels Stop Charging For Internet Service. Immediately.

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Because I've spent the last few years living between two cities (New York and New Orleans) people frequently visit, I'm often asked for recommendations on, among other things, hotels.


Jeff Van Gundy Probably Cut Kate Upton From The Three Stooges For Flopping

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I'm not a fan of Jeff Van Gundy -- the only time he comes up in conversation is when I need someone to compare to Stevie from 'Eastbound & Down' -- but I appreciate the thorough, somewhat obnoxious lengths he goes to to condemn flopping during Sunday's game between the Miami Heat and New York Knicks.


Valentine’s Day Is The Worst, So Here Are Some Celebrities To Flirt With You


Let me just go ahead and channel the cynical a-hole inside of me and get this out of the way: Valentine's Day is horrible, a "holiday" created entirely by the American commerce machine designed to get people to spend money in February blah blah blah, not to mention make people feel bad about themselves.


Dear Jameson Durall: YOU Feel Used?

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Jameson Durall, a design director over at Volition, <a href="">published an opinion piece on Gamasutra</a> that was found and sent to us by our own Surly Badger.


Commentary: Oliver is the Worst

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Yesterday, while politely minding my own business like the gentleman I am, a tweet from the excellent website The Awl popped up in my timeline that read "'<a href="">The O.C.' Characters, In Order.</a>" I clicked on it because I am a total sucker for "The O.


Here’s A Fun Idea: David Akers Is The NFL MVP

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When this season's awards are eventually given out, Aaron Rodgers is going to be the NFL's Most Valuable Player.

culinary abominations

The McRib Is Nothing Less Than An Abomination

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Over the past few years, I have watched as the internet has repeatedly worked itself into <a href="">a frothy, processed meat-craving frenzy</a> each time McDonald's announces that it's selling McRib sandwiches again for "a limited time.

Brad Pitt

World War Z Is Going To Break Some Hearts

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It was only a matter of time before we got this news, and since Vince refuses to put down his Cormac S.


Who Is To Blame For The Rioting?

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I received some strong feedback from yesterday’s gallery of the rioting in Vancouver in the wake of the Canucks’ Game 7 loss in the Stanley Cup Finals.


Dear Otis Smith, I’m Firing You

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I didn’t bother with an NBA Round-Up today because we already knew what was going to happen – the Magic couldn’t maintain consistency and the Lakers would win.


Bully’s Mom Wants Victim’s Apology

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Thanks to round-the-clock news that focuses on news that shouldn't really be focused on, we know considerably more about Casey, AKA Zangief's Son, AKA Kid Zangief, AKA Casey the Punisher, AKA that kid who body slammed the bejesus out of that stupid kid who was picking on him.


Jokes that DIDN’T get Gilbert Gottfried fired from Aflac

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As you've no doubt heard by now, Gilbert Gottfried And that is to say nothing of the EVEN MORE obvious fact that anyone who knows anything about Gilbert Gottfried knows that 85% of the man's career is making insensitive jokes.


Did LeBron James Make A Bad Decision?

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That Tweet above earned Fort Worth Star-Telegram writer Dwain Price a Top Tweet on Sunday (I have five to my record, but who is counting.


Why Are There No Fines For Fake Injuries?

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The act of diving is a modern invention in sport.


Charles Barkley Has A Problem With Tucker Carlson

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Last week, Tucker Carlson’s spinning bowtie propelled him back into the news after he said that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick should have been executed for his role in a dog fighting ring.

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