A New York Knicks Fan Came Down From The Mountaintop With The Ultimate Knicks Fan Rant

The description for this video is a colossal understatement:

My boy showing his disappointment for the Knicks’ 41 point lost to the Celtics last night

What follows is KNICKS FAN GOIN’ IN, a blissful, passionate, 10-minute rant about everything wrong with the New York Knicks. It covers how they can lose so often with the talent they have, why and how every player is hurt or making excuses, a plea to Spike Lee and a thrilling conclusion where he takes off half of his clothes and throws them out. Like I said, blissful.

It’s worth watching the entire thing, and I urge you to do so. Send this to every NBA or Knicks fan you know. Hell, if you know the Knicks personally, send it to them first. No man in sweatpants has ever been this charismatic, or this right.

[BWO Reddit]