The Creators Of ‘Blackfish’ Now Want To Save The RATS

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The producers of 'Blackfish' take a close look at these whiskered demons.


Nothing Is Funnier Than These New York Subway Passengers Trapped In A Moving Car With A Rat

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A rat managed to infiltrate New York's crowded A-train where it terrorized passengers. No, Remy, no!


ESPN Predicted The NCAA Tournament With Rats And The Results Were Surprisingly Perfect

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ESPN, totally out of ideas, used a rat maze and a bunch of little jerseys to predict the 2014 NCAA Tournament.


50 Questions About The Abandoned Russian Cruise Ship Full Of Diseased Cannibal Rats

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Yesterday we found out about the runaway Russian cruise ship that's full of diseased cannibal rats. Today, we have a few questions.


An Abandoned Russian Cruise Ship Overrun With Starving, Diseased, Cannibal Rats Is Drifting Toward The UK

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Move over, poop cruise, as there's another, more nightmare-y ship currently adrift on the open seas: the rat-infested Lyubov Orlova.


Woman Leaves Husband For Her 19 Rats


Chantal Banks loves (and sniffs) her 19 pet rats so much that it ruined her marriage.


Coming Soon To TLC… A Lady Who Kisses Rats!

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The second season of TLC's "My Crazy Obsession" will feature a woman who has 19 rats and kisses a bunch of them the mouth.


Cyborg Rats Learn to Blink, Next Step World Domination


I'd suspect it's gotta' be pretty cool to be a rat.


Update On New York City’s Rodents Of Unusual Size


We have an update to those <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/gammasquad/2011/08/rodents-of-unusual-size-are-in-central-park">rumors</a> about the presence of Rodents of Unusual Size in New York City.

that's just unsanitary

Rodents Of Unusual Size Are In Central Park?


We find it as shocking as you that a city as polite and clean as New York would have a problem with rodents at all, but rats the size of big fluffy bunnies are invading Central Park.


Scientists Can Record And Playback Dirty, Filthy Rat Memories


Recording and playing back memories has long been a staple of science fiction novels and movies where Arnold Schwarzenegger's face explodes on Mars.


Rats heart Starbucks


Are you one of those people who can't even think about starting your day without an offering from America's java giant, Starbucks.


Giant rats from space with lasers for eyes

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The other day I posted a trailer from Cinefamily's Holy F*cking Sh*t film series that featured <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2011/02/robotzombie-jesus-looks-pissed" target="_blank">a robot-zombie Jesus </a>as a protagonist.



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After the jump, I’ve got the trailer for The Tale of Despereaux, an animated film from Universal.

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